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Highway, Airport and Facilities Committee


Steven A. Abel:  8:34-10:20 a.m.                                   
Joseph W. Koch: 8:34-10:20 a.m.

Karen Madigan:  8:34-10:20 a.m.                                   
Dennis N. Stenz: 8:43-10:20 a.m.

John G. Zorn:  8:34-10:20 a.m.


Also present were Highway Commissioner Thomas Janke, County Executive Allen Buechel, Director of Administration Erin Gerred and Building Maintenance Manager Rick Kiefer.


1. Call meeting to order.

Chair Koch called the meeting to order at 8:34 a.m.


2. Approve minutes of the December 18, 2017, meeting.

Motion (Zorn/Madigan) to approve the minutes. Motion carried, 4-0.


3. Members of the public who wish to address the committee on specific agenda items must register their requests

at this time, with such comments subject to the reasonable control of the committee chair, as set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

There was no public comment.


4. Executive’s Office – Erin Gerred.

a. Erin Gerred and Allen Buechel had an initial meeting with Excel Engineering to explain the scope of the facility and items that need to get added.

b. There will be tours of the Winnebago County Highway Garage and City of Oshkosh Department of Public Works Garage on Friday, Jan. 12. Tours of the Jefferson County Highway Garage and Waukesha County Highway Garage will be on Monday, Jan. 22. All committee members plan on attending the tour. The group plans to depart for the tours from the Fond du Lac County Highway main garage at 8:30 a.m. on both dates.


5. Central Maintenance – Rick Kiefer.

a. The jail direct digital control project will replace all the pneumatic controls to low voltage electric controls for the heating and cooling system. This will start mid-February with an estimated completion date of Oct. 31.

b. The UW-Fond du Lac fire alarm project started Dec. 14 and is scheduled to be completed Feb. 9. There have been two change orders to date totaling $2,421. The original contract with Konz Electric was for $225,223 and is now at $227,644.

c. The Government Center access control and surveillance project started Jan. 2 and is near completion, with the exception of two cameras that have not been delivered, buttons in the Communications Center and fob entries for the after-hours entrance doors. The access control has the ability to lock down the public entrances to the Government Center and Sheriff’s Office with the push of a button. There will be buttons located in the 911 Dispatch Center and county and city administration offices. The parking lots and entrances can be viewed with the system.


6. Highway Department – Tom Janke.

a. The grader and the small rollers have arrived. The large roller is being fabricated. 

b. Commissioner’s report:

  • The Ladoga Grange Hall has been razed.
  • Commissioner Janke provided an update on the CTH G village of St. Cloud project.
  • Commissioner Janke gave a presentation on Highway Department bridge maintenance activities; he’ll be giving the presentation at the Wisconsin County Highway Association Road School Bridge Committee meeting next week.

c. Railroad issues – the next meeting is Jan. 24 in Plymouth.

d. Reviewed invoices – no comments.


7. Discussion with the county executive regarding the service levels for county highway winter maintenance.

Any suggestions for changes in service levels for county highway winter maintenance should be brought to the highway committee in the future.


8. Future agenda items and meeting date

The next meeting is at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 8, at the Highway Department. Future agenda items include new building items.


9. Adjournment.

Motion (Madigan/Zorn) to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 a.m. Motion carried, 5-0.


Respectfully submitted,

Steven Abel

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