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  • Department:Purchasing
  • Category:General RFP, Construction RFP
  • Start Date:11/17/2017
  • Close Date:12/04/2017 12:00 AM

RFP - Highway



Fond du Lac County (“County”) is soliciting for Architectural/Engineering services for the planning and design of the organization’s new Main Highway Garage Facility to be located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Proposer must be registered in Wisconsin as an Architect or eligibility through reciprocity with another state.   

The scope of work for A/E services is described in this document. The A/E firm selected for this project will be contracted by and report directly to the County, and assumes full responsibility for architectural design phase services.   A C.D. Smith Construction, Inc. (“C.D. Smith”) representative will provide preconstruction services during this phase.

2.0          PROJECT

2.1          Project Background

The County seeks to partner with a design firm to help plan and design a new Main Highway Garage and Additional Support Structures to replace its existing facility and headquarters located at 301 Dixie Street, Fond du Lac, WI.  The existing Dixie Street Facility houses administrative offices, crew support, fleet, equipment and vehicle repair facility, welding shop, auto body and sand blasting shop, fuel station, vehicle equipment storage, cold storage and salt storage buildings along with other support facilities.

The County has identified and purchased a preferred site for the new Main Highway Garage located at N5278 Hickory Street just south of the USH 151.  The property will be annexed into the City of Fond du Lac and an assessment of the property and conceptual plans were completed.  The property is approximately 40 acres split by an existing 150 feet long WP&L easement which holds American Transmission Company’s overhead power lines.  All buildings, structures and trees were removed in 2017.  Approximately 60,000 cubic yards of fill has been hauled to the site and stock piled to be incorporated into the site grading plan. 

The A/E Firm will be selected based on the selection committee’s judgement as to the most responsible bidder.  The selected A/E firm will work with the County Team and C.D. Smith on the initial project Master Plan Programming and Design.

The Main Highway Garage will be approximately 115,000 SF and will include the following eight primary functional components of the building:

  1. Heated Vehicle Parking Garage

  2. Vehicle Repair Garage

  3. Welding and Fabrication Shop

  4. Specialty Shops (Painting, Sanding, Sign)

  5. Vehicle Wash Bay(s)

  6. Parts Department

  7. Crew and Staff Support

  8. Administrative

    Additional supporting buildings and infrastructure will also be required and include the following:

  1. Tempered cold storage building 20,000 square feet

  2. County salt storage approximate 8,000-ton capacity

  3. State salt storage approximate 8,000-ton capacity

  4. Sand salt storage approximate 1,500-ton capacity

  5. Canopied diesel and non-lead gasoline fuel station

  6. Truck scale


     2.2         Project Confidentiality

    The A/E service provider will be required to: 1) Maintain strict confidentiality of all oral, written and otherwise documented information pertaining to this project; 2) Limit distribution of such information to only individuals necessary to prepare your response; 3) Return all materials provided by the County during the selection process to the County, within ten (10) calendar days of notification, if you are not awarded the contract; and 4) Include an acknowledgement that all copies made have been destroyed. If you are awarded the contract, do not distribute any project related information at any time, except as required to complete the project, without written permission or direction from the County.


    2.3          General Space Program Requirements

    The approximate 115,000 SF facility houses various functions that share similar interior environmental requirements including the following:

  1. Height and ceiling clearance

  2. Vehicle emission control

  3. Dust and noise generation

  4. Sensitivity to temperature and humidity levels

  5. Vehicle access and internal movement

  6. Lighting requirements

  7. Acoustical control and privacy

  8. Public verses skilled staff access


    2.4          Scope of Services


    A.  Preliminary Design

  1. Review and update previous Fond du Lac County Main Highway Garage Facility/property assessments, concept drawings, preliminary estimates and schematic designs.

  2. Visit recently completed Highway and Public Works Facilities with County Staff and collect input.

  3. Collect project criteria from the County Team and verify programming criteria.

  4. Review accessibility plan (ADA) and circulation requirements, egress distances path of travel, etc.

  5. Prepare a design schedule to meet the County’s milestone dates.

  6. Review Architectural space plans with specific user groups to obtain department approvals.

  7.  Finalize conceptual designs and layouts.

  8. Present final preliminary design options for the County’s review.

  9. Programming and master planning.


    B.  Detailed Design Phase

  1. Based on the approved Preliminary Design and Design Development Phase documents, prepare Architectural and Structural Construction drawings, specifications, and provide all architectural services, engineering services, plans, drawings, studies and cost estimates to fully complete the project for local and state public bidding and permitting.  The A/E firm will assist in the bidding process to provide technical assistance and answer questions from potential bidders.  Upon the award of the bid, the A/E firm will work with the successful bidders in concert with County Construction Manager to schedule the work, obtain any required permits, and verify that all work is done per bid specifications, codes and regulations.

  2. Coordinate furniture and equipment layouts with the County and selected furniture supplier.

  3. Select, specify and provide bid package for interior signage.

  4. The architect is required to produce and share a building information model (BIM) that the design documents and schedules will be derived from, and participate in trade coordination, updating the model and sharing it with the team for any field directed changes.

  5. Prepare and present material finish boards (including new furniture finishes).

  6. Submit plans and specifications to local building authority for permitting and revise drawings to meet all governmental comments and revisions.

  7. Respond to all governmental reviews and revise construction documents accordingly. If project is being bid during this period, issue required addendums to all bidders reflecting any Construction Document changes.


    C.  Construction Administration

  1. Provide construction administration services including, but not limited to Request for Information (RFI’s), bulletins, change orders, submittal and shop drawing review, punch lists, etc.

  2. After project commencement attend bi-weekly project meetings and provide support for coordination and scheduling issues.

  3. Perform monthly job site visits to evaluate adherence to project plans and specifications.


    2.5 Changes Initiated by the Architect/Engineer

    The County encourages you to submit recommendations for procedures or design changes that will reduce project cost, improve functionality of the completed facility, and/or shorten the project schedule. However, any such changes are subject to approval by the County and must meet the same functional and technical requirements that are included in this RFP. Identify and submit recommended changes separately from other project correspondence and documentation. Provide all information and materials necessary to satisfy the project team that recommended changes do not adversely affect cost, functionality, or schedule.

    Changes due to errors or omissions are not considered a change in scope. The cost of re-design and/or engineering such changes is the responsibility of the Architect/Engineer.


    2.6 Potential Additional Services Provided

    Upon request provide a feasibility study and report on the practicability of implementation and construction of a Hot Mix Asphalt Plant to be added into the site.  


    3.0 SCHEDULE

    Anticipated milestone dates that are critical to the delivery of this project are as follows:

    +             RFP Issued: November 17, 2017

    +             Last Written Questions Accepted: November 22, 2017

    +             Post Answers to Submitted Questions at November 27, 2017

    +             RFP Response Due: December 4, 2017 by 2:00 p.m.

    +             Short List Notifications December 6, 2017

    +             Interviews: December 12, 13, and 14, 2017

    +             Selection of A/E: December 15, 2017

    +             Committee Approval: December 19, 2017

    +             County Board Approval: December 19, 2017

    +             Selected Firm Notified: December 20, 2017

    +             Contract Negotiations Begin: December 2017

    +             Contract in Place: January 18, 2018

    +             Initial Design Completed: May 9,2018

    +             Final Design: June 29, 2018

    +             Construction Documents Complete: July 12, 2018

    +             Bid Advertisement: July 12, 2018

    +             Bid Opening: August 16, 2018

    +             Bid Award: August 22, 2018

    +             Contract Awarded: September 24, 2018

    +             Site Construction Begin: October 15, 2018

    +             Building Construction Commence: February 15, 2019




    The evaluation and selection of A/E Firm will be based on the information submitted in the proposal.  Please address all of the items noted in this section in your response. Failure to do so may result in your qualifications not being considered. Qualifications will be evaluated based on demonstration of meeting the requirements of this RFP. Responses are limited to no more than 10 single-sided 8.5 x 11 pages or 5 double-sided 8.5 x 11 pages.


    4.1          Organization

    Please submit general statements about your organizations qualifications and other information deemed

    necessary. Include at least the following:

    +      Firm name, business address, telephone, email address, website address and fax numbers

    +      Contact person(s) with title(s)

    +      Professional history and affiliations

    +      Current staff size and professional registrations

    +      Range of professional service capabilities

    +      Impact of current workload on ability to meet the requirements of this RFP


    4.2       Relevant Project Experience


    Provide descriptions of three to five projects that have been executed within the past five years. The projects

    described shall be similar in scope and complexity to the project described within this RFP. Preference may be given to A/E Firms who demonstrate design of similar Public Works or Highway Garage Facilities.  Please include at least the following:


    +      Project size (square feet)

    +      Project type

    +      Construction value

    +      Basic project program

    +      Project delivery approach

    +      Project owner with current address and telephone number

    +      Principal Tenant Organization contact with current address and telephone number

    +      General Contractor/Construction Manager contact with current address and telephone number


    4.1       Personnel

    Please submit resumes for personnel whom would be assigned to this project. State their proposed project responsibilities, current workload, and project references. Include the following:

    +      Principal-in-Charge

    +      Project Manager

    +      Licensed Architects and Engineers who will be professionals of record

    +      Discipline leaders (architectural and structural)

    +      Project Managers, licensed engineers, and designers of consulting firms

    +      Other specialists


    4.2      Design Process

    Limited to one page, briefly describe the design process your firm would propose in working with the County to design a new Main Highway Garage.


    4.3       Added Value Services

    Please include a brief overview of additional services that set your firm apart from other A/E firms.


    4.4       Project Approach

    Describe your firm’s plan to accomplish the requirements of the project. Include the major tasks that will be required and a proposed timeline required to complete those tasks.

            Describe your firm’s method of quality control, verification that construction meets specifications, and process to identify deficiencies in the work.

            Detail your firms understanding of the challenges and barriers and proposed approach to overcoming these barriers.


4.4.1      Percentage Fee and/or Lump Sum

Provide a percentage fee and/or lump sum for services. Include charges for overhead, profit, taxes, printing, distribution, and other such incidental items required to complete this project as described herein and in any subsequent pre−bid meeting minutes, letters of clarification, and addenda.

Additional services resulting from a change in project scope will be handled as described in the RFP, “Changes in Engineering Scope or Criteria.”

For the basis of the fee, assume an approximately 115,000 SF main building along with supporting buildings and infrastructure with a value of $23 million. Fee shall be based on preplanning and full A/E services only. Note, the size and scope of the project is subject to change.


4.4.2.     Fee Breakdown

Please provide a breakdown of your fee by phase outlined below:

a. Preliminary Design Phase

b. Detailed Design

c. Bidding and Award

d. Construction Administration

Using attached spreadsheet (Attachment A) please submit an Hourly Rate Schedule that will be utilized for changes in the scope of services approved by the County. Include the following:

+ Hourly straight time base salary rates for all classifications in your organization

+ The effective period of the Hourly Rate Schedule


4.4.3.     Reimbursable Schedule

Submit a Reimbursable Schedule that will be utilized for the scope of services per the RFP and approved by the County. A handling or markup fee will not be allowed except for consultant services directed and approved by the Construction Manager. Itemize items that have created reimbursable costs for changes in past professional services contracts. Include at least the following:

+ Printing, copying, and distributing deliverables

+ If actual expenses exceed the reimbursable line item, the A/E must request that a CO be written by the County.


4.4.4.       Exceptions and Alternatives

Please base your proposal on complying with all of the requirements of this RFP and any subsequent pre−RFP information, letters of clarification, and addenda, including requirements incorporated by reference within this document.

Alternative methods or schedules for project approach which would meet or exceed project requirements while improving project value may be submitted for evaluation by the County.



If interested, please provide a detailed response of Section 4.0 by Monday, December 4, 2017, at 2:00pm CST.  Proposers must submit, in a sealed package, One Original (identify) plus Five hard copies of all materials clearly marked stating:  ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING SERVICES FOND DU LAC COUNTY MAIN HIGHWAY GARAGE FACITLIY DESIGN PROJECT.

Provide an electronic response via USB drive and 6 hard copies to:

Attn: Fond du Lac County Purchasing
160 S. Macy Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Upon receipt of written qualifications, the finalists will be selected and invited to make a presentation before the selection committee December 12, 13, or 14, 2017.

ANY AND ALL questions shall be directed to Questions will not be accepted or responded to after November 22, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Responses to all questions will be posted on the Fond du Lac County website at on November 27, 2017.  All communications must be directed to Erin Gerred at  concerning this project, your response, or this RFP.

Thank you for your interest in Fond du Lac County and this very important project.


Erin Gerred
Director of Administration


+             Fond du Lac County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and the right to disregard all nonconforming proposals or counter proposals.  If the contract is awarded, it shall be awarded to the bidder which will best serve the interests of Fond du Lac County.

+             Fond du Lac County may request a more detailed response and/or team interview prior to award.


ATTACHMENT A                                                               COST PROPOSAL




Submit original plus one copy


Step One – Concept Design, Drawings, & Construction


Estimated Number of Hours

Hourly Rate

Extended Total


Labor Cost – Attach a breakdown by Individual




Travel, Lodging, Meals


Other Expenses – Attach specific breakdown, materials, printing, supplies, etc.


Total for Step One



Highway Garage Addendum 1 

First set of Q/A

Second set of Q/A

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