Staffing Changes

    Our agency has recently undergone some staffing changes and as a result your case may be handled by a new team.  When calling in, please pay close

    attention to the prompts as your selection may have changed.  The caseloads

    now break down as follows:


    Establishment Unit  -   Cases are assigned by the MOTHER’S last name


    A – L :  Case Manager Tammy L


    M – Z :  Case Manager Margie


    A – Z :  Case Assistant Marsha


    Enforcement Unit -     Cases are assigned by the FATHER’s last name


    A – Forz :  Case Manager Terra

                      Case Assistant Theresa


    Fosa – Lamz :  Case Manager Tammy R

                             Case Assistant Jessica


    Lan – Rz :  Case Manager Anie

                      Case Assistant Tanya


    Sa – Z :  Case Manager Melissa

                  Case Assistant Barb


    Intergovernmental Cases –


    A – Z :  Case Manager Brenda

    Phone: 920.929.3057 ~  Fax: 920.929.7056

    E-mail: Click here

    You may contact our office via email and we will usually respond within 72 hours.

    Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday to Friday

    Our Mission: To communicate information and to provide services in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for each other and our clients, taking personal pride in our work and in our achievements as an organization.