Drug Court

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What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is a judicially monitored three Phase Intervention program for adults involved in the Criminal Justice System due to non-violent, drug/alcohol motivated offenses, who have a difficulty remaining clean and sober.

The Fond du Lac Drug Court Program began in 2014 after Fond du Lac County was granted a federal grant. The Drug Court Coordinator oversees the twelve to eighteen-month treatment program for those participating in the Fond du lac County Drug Court. Treatment is designed for non-violent participants with substance abuse issues. Entry into the Program requires a Drug Court contract agreement between the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office, Defense Counsel and the participant. Participants may also enter the program through a referral from the Department of Corrections and family members may make contact with the defense attorney regarding a referral to Drug Court.


Eligibility requirements for Fond du Lac County Drug Court

· Resident of Fond du Lac County and must be 18 years or older.

· Meet with the Coordinator for an assessment and have a Substance Use Disorder.

· Convicted of possession, use, or sale of a  controlled substance or a drug/alcohol motivated crime.

· No prior felony convictions for violent crimes and/or prior felony convictions.

 · The Drug Court applicant must voluntarily agree to abide by the Drug Court Program rules.



Each Drug Court participant shall pay the sum of $750.00 to participate in the program. $250.00 of this amount can be earned by doing 25 hours of community service work above and beyond any other Drug Court   requirements. If the money is not immediately available, it is expected that each Drug Court participant will pay $100.00 per month once they enter into phase two and then remain current thereafter.  If the participant is terminated from the Drug Court Program for a cause they are obligated to pay any outstanding fees associated with the Drug Court Program.


Contact Information:

Sarah Shockley, Drug Court Coordinator

459 E. 1st Street Fond du Lac WI 54935

920-929-3568 or 920-929-3500