Annual Report

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TO:                  Fond du Lac County Board Supervisors

FROM:             Lisa Freiberg, County Clerk

DATE:             August 1, 2017

The Office of the County Clerk is responsible for a wide range of services.  One of the primary duties is to act as secretary to the County Board.  This involves maintaining records, including agendas, minutes and reports, for the board and all of its committees.  The office certifies that meetings are posted in compliance with the open meetings law and publishes board proceedings and board-related legal notices. 

The County Clerk serves as chief election official for the county.  As chief election official, the main duty is to coordinate the federal, state and local elections.  The office registers all county office candidates, programs election tabulation equipment, prepares and tests ballots, publishes election notices and tabulates election results.  In addition, the office provides voter registration system services to 30 of the county’s 33 municipalities.

Other County Clerk responsibilities include issuing marriage licenses; processing timber cutting notices; distributing dog licenses to municipalities and administering the dog license fund; compiling and distributing the Directory of County Officials; and maintaining a myriad of records, including county contracts, highway relocation maps, veterans’ graves and other duties included in State Statute §59.23.

Attached is the 2016 Annual Report of the Office of the Fond du Lac County Clerk.  Detailed in the report are the number of marriage licenses issued and the revenue generated.  There were 528 marriage licenses, compared to 560 in 2015, and 19 waivers, which is one less than the previous year.  No domestic partnership licenses were issued, and there were no domestic partnership terminations.

There were 294 DNR license, stamp, permit and recreational vehicle transactions.  Although the numbers seem low, customers appreciate being able to purchase licenses from this office.  Because it is a valued service that does not put a burden on the office, we are pleased to continue serving as a DNR agent.

In 2016, there were four countywide elections.  The Spring Primary, held on February 16, was the first election using the new tabulating equipment. There were 8,137 voters, which is an approximate 14 percent turnout.  With the cooperation of municipal clerks and election officials and the many hours of equipment training and preparation, the election went smoothly.  The Information Systems Department did a fantastic job of helping with the implementation of the new equipment.

The Presidential Preference and Spring Election was held on April 5.  This election had 35,553 voters, which is an approximate 63 percent turnout.  On August 9, the Partisan Primary was held and there we saw 10,827 voters, which is an approximate 19 percent turnout.  The biggest election of the year was held on November 8, which was the Presidential and General Election.  This election drew 52,217 voters, which is an approximate 91 percent turnout.  Fond du Lac County’s approximate voter registration is currently 57,069.

As we all know, the Presidential Election continued into December with the statewide recount.  The ballots were hand counted during a six-day period.  I had a wonderful turnout of people willing to be part of the recount, many of whom were election officials from various municipalities throughout the county.  This was a great learning experience for them, as sometimes it takes events like these to see why we are so transparent and careful on Election Day.  This event also proved that the election tabulators used in Fond du Lac County are accurate.  Although there were errors, they were human errors not intentionally made.  These errors will be discussed in future trainings that I conduct with election officials.  The cost for labor, food and supplies came to $13,332, which was reimbursed to the county.

An additional role of the County Clerk is to oversee the Central Services Department, and we continue finding ways to be cost-effective there.  We are now printing departments’ return address information on envelopes with the mail machine.  The return address can be sprayed on at the same time the postage is applied.  Being able to purchase plain envelopes rather than those custom-made has been a cost savings. 

While being fiscally responsible, my staff and I continue striving to provide the best possible service.  With the office being located in the building’s main lobby, we have face-to-face contact with the general public on a daily basis, mainly assisting visitors find the departments for which they are looking.  I am very fortunate that I have a seasoned staff that is very familiar with the layout of the building and that has knowledge and understanding of what the other departments do.  Deputy County Clerk Keefe Urban and Program Assistant Terri Moyle have been in the office for 12 years, and Program Assistant Misty Richey has been with us for three years.  You, as supervisors, have much contact with the office, and I’m sure you appreciate the professionalism of the staff as much as I do.

Thank you for your continued support.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Freiberg
Fond du Lac County Clerk

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