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soil healthFond du Lac County Soil Health Farmers Meeting- #2


In April a small group of Fond du Lac county farmers met over lunch to talk about the possibility of forming a formal group focused on soil health practices.  On July 10th, we will meet again to continue that discussion! If you are a farmer interested in advancing yourself in the areas of no-till/reduced till and cover crops, or if you are thinking about trying some of these things, this is an opportunity to meet with other like-minded farmers. Topics we may be discussing include:

  • Success of farmer-led conservation groups in neighboring counties- their field day opportunities and cost-share programs
  • Steps involved in applying for a DATCP ‘Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant’
  • Fond du Lac County summer field days- what are you interested in seeing and learning about?
  • Fond du Lac County winter soil health workshop- topics and speakers of interest


Come and meet with us to help us build momentum in soil health practices and share your input regarding upcoming learning opportunities in agriculture in Fond du Lac County!

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Time: 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m.

Location: Rolling Meadows Restaurant (meet in the back room)
947 S. Rolling Meadows Dr.
Fond du Lac, WI

Questions:    Dana Christel
Fond du Lac County Land + Water


Loretta Ortiz-Ribbing
Dodge/FDL County Crops and Soils Agent





field day web pic

A field day was held August 24th at the farm of Hiemstra Dairy, LLC.  in Brandon, Wisconsin. Those in attendance visited various themed stations and learned about buffer cropping, cover crop systems, manure runoff management systems and more.  Click here to view the information and/or handouts from the event. A big thank you to Josh Hiemstra for hosting this event!

Thank you also goes out to the following sponsors who helped make our field day a success:

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Enhancing Your Agronomic Systems Workshop

On February 7, 2017, a training was offered by the Fond du Lac County Land & Water Conservation Department.  The day of crop system management training featured speakers from University of Wisconsin Department of Soil Science, Family Insurance Center, Dairyland Aviation, Inc. and Sand County Foundation.  Participants learned how elements within the agricultural system are tied together as well as learning about innovative ideas that go beyond current farm business practices.  the following are handouts from the presentation:

SH Compaction 02-07-17 HNDOUT

Video excerpts from the presentation can be viewed below.

Francisco Arriaga, Assistant Professor, Department of Soil Science at University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Topic:  "Managing Wisconsin Soils for Improved Soil Health and Reducing Compaction.

Francisco Arriaga - continued, part 2

Francisco Arriaga - continued, part 3

Francisco Arriaga - continued, part 4

Chad VanCamp, Family Insurance Center Agent.  Topic:  "Introduction to Environmental Insurance"

Chad VanCamp - continued, part 2

Chad VanCamp - continued, part 3

Chad VanCamp - continued, part 4

Chad VanCamp - continued, part 5

Damon Reabe, President of Dairyland Aviation, Inc. Topic: "Successes and Failures of Aerial Seeding Cover Crop"

Damon Reabe - continued, part 2

Damon Reabe - continued, part 3

Damon Reabe - continued, part 4


As a follow-up to this training, a summer field day titled "Soil quality Leads to Water Quality" will be held August 24, 2017 at Hiemstra Dairy, LLC, Brandon.  See  Land and Water Conservation Department's home page for more information.