Maternal and Child Health

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WisconsinThe Maternal Child Health program provides services to pregnant women, post partum women, infants, children under the age of 5 and their families.

What services are available?

Public Health Nursing Visits
Maternal Child Health Nurses make home visits to high-risk infants, children, women, and families. Height, weight, head circumference, health history, developmental screening, and physical assessments are done. Education is an important part of the visit.  Information on and referrals to additional services are also provided. These visits are free. Referrals are accepted from individuals (self-referral), families, and health care providers.

Parenting Program
Parenting Program enables parents to make better use of community resources and provides opportunities which support parents in the care and nurturing of their children.  Families eligible for Parenting Program home visitation services are first time mothers whose child(ren) are ages 0-3.  The child(ren) must be enrolled in Medical Assistance (including Healthy Start and BadgerCare). There is no charge for families who are involved in Parenting Program.  Referrals are accepted from individuals (self-referral), families, and health care providers. 

Prenatal Care Coordination
Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC) is a program to help pregnant women get the support and services they need to have a healthy baby. Services include help getting the health care you need, personal support, information on good eating habits and health practices, and help finding needed services in your community. Women are eligible as soon as they are pregnant. Referrals are accepted from individuals (self-referral), WIC, schools, community support agencies, and health care providers. 


What if I can't afford to get medical care for myself or my children?

Presumptive Eligibility Waiver
Presumptive eligibility (PE) is a temporary medical card which allows women to receive medical benefits on a temporary basis.  Contact Moraine Lake Consortium at 1-888-446-1239, Monday through Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm, or apply online Wisconsin.

If you need help paying for health care for you and your children, Wisconsin’s BadgerCare+ Program may be able to help. BadgerCare+ is part of the Medical Assistance program (Medicaid). It pays for medical care for pregnant women, babies, and children. It covers most babies until they are one year of age, even if the family’s income goes up. Families with health insurance may apply. If you are under-insured and/ or you don’t have health coverage for prenatal care services or the birth of the baby, you may be eligible for BadgerCare+. Eligibility is based on your family’s gross (before taxes) income. This includes income from all sources. There is no asset test. Families with higher incomes may qualify if they have child care, work-related, or medical expenses. Apply for PE online Wisconsin  or Moraine Lake Consortium at 1-888-446-1239.

Family Planning Waiver
This program provides contraceptive (birth control) and related reproductive health care services to eligible women from the age of 15 through 44. Eligibility is based on income.
 The service includes:  
• Routine reproductive health exams and tests
• Pregnancy testing and counseling
• Emergency contraception
• Education and information, including Natural Family Planning
Any Medicaid-certified provider can offer the Family Planning Waiver Program services. Apply online Wisconsin. 

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