8-21-15 harvest


The high cost of fresh produce oftentimes limits it’s availability to people in need.  The Fond du Lac County Land and Water Conservation Department believes everyone, including those less fortunate and in need, should have access to food grown naturally.  We are on our second year of our “Giving Garden” growing produce for donation to a local food pantry.  Employees of the department volunteer their time outside of work hours to plant, maintain and harvest the garden.  All supplies are either donated or purchased with monetary donations.

Our third growing season closed with a whopping 567 lbs. of fresh produce donated to a local food pantry!  A big thank you to these dedicated individuals for their hard work and time. 




 If you have produce you would like to donate, contact:  Broken Bread – St. Paul’s Cathedral, 51 W. Division Street, Fond du Lac.  Telephone:  921-3363, ext. 6.