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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
City/County Government Center

Meeting Attendance:   
David Brandenburg, Golf Course
Linda Chandler, Purchasing
Kelly Lamb, UW Extension
Ken Fischer, Land Conservation
Diane Immel, Clerk of Courts
Kim Mueller, Health Dept
Tom Janke, Highway
Ryan Waldschmidt, Sheriff's Office
Richard Gedemer, Dept of Social Services
Rick Kiefer, Central Maintenance
Michael Marx, Human Resources
Tom Janke, Highway
Karen Warrens, Wellness

A meeting of the Safety Committee for Fond du Lac County employees was called to order at 8:17 am by
David Brandenburg, committee chair.

REVIEW & APPROVE MINUTES: The July 19th meeting minutes were approved (Linda, Diane).


High Five Award Kickoff- Kim mentioned that it says High Five award on top but later says thumbs up; despite proofreading efforts. Need to determine how we are going to select the winners and how often we are going to do this so that we can put it out in a timely manner before we are looking for submissions. Have 7 or 8 turned in. Approve up to 2 awards, if we have multiples, we can do Honorable Mention. Determine award value or options. Gift card could be a value of $20-25; Can we hold over a good option? Administer quarterly vs. monthly: Monthly, we don’t meet monthly, it is new and fresh, so we are probably getting the most input now. Will resubmit flyer before each award cycle. $25 for best, if they warrant it, $10 for other good ones- encourages participation. Want to choose people that are going above and beyond, probably not all. Mike read submissions aloud. Good submissions, discussion and a vote followed. Motion made to provide 3 Highway, 911 Dispatch, CNA-DCP, with other individuals honorable mention. (Mike M.) 2nd (Tom J). Agreement was reached. Discussion about timing; play it by ear because of the unknown (is it an exceptional month because it just started or will it continue to be popular.) 


Toxic air fresheners- concern about use in the workplace. Information provided and discussion ensued.

Dispatch entrance; elderly man with walker perched upon steps. Discussed alternative access options. Gentleman was taking “short-cut”. There is a ramp for handicap access.


Traveling Board- Mike will update the board and display with back to school graphics and articles and display it in the city/county government building. 


Wellness Committee-15 years celebration, Oct 9-13. Healthy treats in all break rooms on Fri. Popcorn machine is available for group/floor/department use in CCGC; contact vending machine committee for use. Will have wellness shirts for a pledge declaration of wellness word. 15 minute walks T/Th. Lunch and learn on Wed with segment on safety and biking at several different locations. Traveling board display. Does safety want to participate in the healthy treat Fri? After discussion, it was suggested to man the popcorn machine. Motion (Rick K) 2nd (Kim M). Motion passed pending availability of popcorn machine, with discussion at next meeting about placing it in the health dept and promoting getting flu shots while you pick up your popcorn. Must be aware of people allergies. 

Meeting adjourned 8:54 am (Tom) 2nd (Kim) 

Next meeting: Wed, September 20, 2017 am in room F 

Minutes by Kelly Lamb