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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
City/County Government Center

Meeting Attendance:  

Linda Chandler, Purchasing/Risk Manager
Ken Fischer, Land & Water Conservation
Rick Gedemer, Dept of Social Services

Diane Immel, Clerk of Courts
Hannah Julka, Wellness
Ann Kaiser, UW-Extension
Shelby Kapitanski, Purchasing

Rick Kiefer, Central Maintenance
Michael Marx, HR
Kim Mueller, Public Health
Karen Warren, Wellness

A meeting of the Safety Committee for Fond du Lac County employees was called to order at 8:15 am by Committee Chair Rick Gedemer.

REVIEW & APPROVE MINUTES:  The Jan. 17 meeting minutes were approved (Mike/Ken).


Self Defense Class:  Mike reported that dates are not set yet.  He’ll follow up with Ryan & Paul.

Health Fair/Event:  Karen stated that the Wellness Committee is meeting today to discuss their calendar for the year. Discussion followed regarding the missions of the Wellness Committee and Safety Committee.

SAFETY SUGGESTIONS – Discussion followed regarding microwaves in breakrooms.


Traveling Board:  Mike will update the board.

Newsletter:  Newsletter will come out in March.

High Five Award Nominations:  Form to be included in the next newsletter. 


Building Security:  Rick K. reported that security cameras have been installed at the City/County Bldg. entrances and parking lots.  They are planning to add a security checkpoint inside the building this spring.

Meeting adjourned 9:05 am  (Mike/Linda)
Next meeting:  Wed, March 21, 8:15 am in Room F
Ann Kaiser, Secretary