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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
City/County Government Center

Meeting Attendance:  

Linda Chandler, Purchasing/Risk Manager

Ken Fischer, Land & Water Conservation

Diane Immel, Clerk of Courts

Ann Kaiser, UW-Extension

Shelby Kapitanski, Purchasing

Rick Kiefer, Central Maintenance

Michael Marx, HR

Amanda Rivera, DSS

Richard Gedemer, DSS

Kim Mueller, Public Health

Ryan Waldschmidt, Sheriff’s Office

A meeting of the Safety Committee for Fond du Lac County employees was called to order at 8:15 am by
Mike Marx.

REVIEW & APPROVE MINUTES:  High Five Award Nominations – Change sentence to … A nomination was received that is under review.  May 16 meeting minutes were approved, as amended. 


Workplace AEDs/CPR Training:  Mike shared an article about AEDs – Shock Value: How to protect your company from a negligence lawsuit.  Linda reported that Erin Gerred will be overseeing the process to ensure that departments are properly maintaining their AEDs.  Purchasing will create a master spreadsheet of all county AEDs and have a goal to get inventory to be all similar units.  The Safety Committee is willing to provide funds for a CPR mannequin if needed.  We’ll table discussion to get input from Kim & Ryan.

SAFETY SUGGESTIONS – Another complaint was received from an employee who almost was hit crossing Western Avenue at the crosswalk.


Traveling Board:  Will be updated with summer information.

Newsletter:  Summer edition will come out next week.

High Five Award Nominations:  Mike stated that the purpose of the award is to recognize County employees who promote safety in the community.  Two nominations were received.  After discussion, the committee decided not to act upon them as they do not meet the intent of the award.


DSS is in the process of installing key fob entry and security camerasSomeone put an air freshener in the north entrance to the City/County Bldg. again.  Rick will remove it.

Weather stripping on the sliding door needs to be replaced.

 Meeting adjourned 8:50 am  (Diane/Shelby)

Next meeting:  Wed, August 15, 8:15 am in Room G           

Ann Kaiser, Secretary