Rental Weatherization Program (Stipulations)

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Rental Weatherization Program Repealed
Effective September 21, 2017

 DSPS and the Registers of Deeds will no longer be processing waivers or stipulations.


  • The Wisconsin 2017 Budget Bill enacted on September 21, 2017 as 2017 Wisconsin Act 59, repeals Wisconsin’s Rental Unit Energy Efficiency program as set forth in Wisconsin Statutes §101.122 and related sections[1]

  • The Budget Bill repeals §101.122 in its entirety, with the repeal taking effect on the first day of the 4th month after publication of the Budget Bill. The publication date is September 22, 2017; thus, a deed or other ownership conveyance document submitted to a Wisconsin Register of Deeds on or after January 1, 2018 will not require a certificate, waiver or stipulation under §101.122. 

  • For interim transaction between now and January 1, 2018 which fall within the Program, the parties in the transaction should either obtain a certificate under §101.122(4)(a) or when completing the Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) choose exemption W-11 other (Program elimination).

  • Satisfactions will continue to be processed by DSPS.  Requests going forward will be satisfied as Program Elimination.

  • Feel free to contact the Department of Safety and Professional Services at 608-266-2112, option 5, with questions.
    Or visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website for further information.



[1] 2017 Wisconsin Act 59 is available here: