Highway, Airport and Facilities

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A. Composition:
To be comprised of five members:

Joseph W. Koch, chair
John G. Zorn, vice chair
Steven A. Abel
Karen Madigan
Dennis N. Stenz

B. Duties:

It shall perform the duties required by s.83.015, Wisconsin Statutes.

It shall make recommendations to the County Board on all matters concerning the administration and operation of the county airport and shall also represent the county in all matters pertaining to improvement or enlargement of the county airport.

The Highway, Airport and Facilities Committee shall make recommendations to the County Board on all matters dealing with railroads.

The rights, duties and powers exercised by the committee in this capacity will exclude those special powers which by statute relate only to matters dealing with highways and will in all other respects be substantially the same in scope as rights, duties and powers exercised in that committee's other functions, including matters concerning the Fond du Lac County Airport.

It shall have referred to it all matters related to maintenance and construction of all county buildings and must be consulted by all departments and committees in planning for new buildings or for proposed structural changes in existing buildings owned or occupied by the county.

It shall be the committee of jurisdiction over the Contingency – Major Projects account within the Countywide Capital Outlay Fund and the Contingency - Equipment/Building account.