Public Safety

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A. Composition:

To be comprised of five members:

Martin E. Schroeder, chair
Gary A. Will, vice chair
Michael C. Beer
Thomas M. Kitchen
Robert J. Simon

When the committee meets concerning matters pertaining to emergency management, the chair of the County Board shall be a voting member and shall be the chair of the committee pursuant to s.166.03(4)(c), Wisconsin Statutes.

B. Duties:

It shall be the committee of jurisdiction over Communications/ Emergency Management and the Medical Examiner’s Office and shall have referred to it matters of the Ambulance Advisory Council, Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office.

It shall, under general supervision of the County Board, establish policy for control and direction of the activities of the county emergency management director and shall advise the County Board on all matters pertaining to emergency management.

It shall, from time to time, direct the corporation counsel to examine the resolutions and ordinances in force to ascertain if there are any conflicts with the statutes of the state of Wisconsin, rules and regulations of administrative agencies of the state, or with any other ordinances or resolutions of the board, and report such conflicts to the board.

It shall be the duty of this committee to examine all accounts and claims filed against the county by the sheriff and the district attorney and make a report thereof to the County Board at the following regular session thereof.

It shall have jurisdiction over all meetings pertaining to the operations of the county ambulance and shall act upon such other matters as may be referred to it by the County Board.

The committee shall provide emergency care of medical treatment for prisoners under s.302.38, Wisconsin Statutes, and for such other purpose as may be provided by statutes.

It shall act as and be the amusement license committee established under the various ordinances regulating amusements and perform all duties mandated by said ordinances.