Committee Meetings

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Highway, Airport and Facilities Committee



Steven A. Abel:  8:30-10:57 a.m.                                                   
Joseph W. Koch:  8:30-10:57 a.m. 

Karen Madigan:  8:30-10:57 a.m.                                                  
Dennis N. Stenz:  8:30-10:57 a.m.                  

John G. Zorn:  8:30-10:57 a.m.                       


Also present were Allen Buechel, Erin Gerred, Thomas Janke, Sam Tobias, John Wehner, Meggin McNamara, Rick Kiefer, Jeff Bertram, Joe Sabel, John Zettler and Lisa Freiberg. Members of the public included Joanne Michaels, John McDowell, Craig Molitor, Harry Schmitz, Zach Haas and Michael Radtke. Wisconsin Department of Transportation Northeast Region officials present were Will Dorsey, Colleen Harris, Rob Wagner, Chris Blazek and Brian Brock.


1. Call meeting to order.

Chair Koch called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.


2. Approve minutes of the September 17, 2019, meeting.

Motion (Zorn/Madigan) to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


3. Members of the public who wish to address the committee on specific agenda items must register their requests

at this time, with such comments subject to the reasonable control of the committee chair, as set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Chair Koch announced that he would allow public comment as items were addressed.


4. Resolution authorizing the proper county officials to enter into a state/municipal financial agreement for construction of the Plank Trail between Division Road at the east county line and the Prairie Trail in Fond du Lac.

Highway Commissioner Thomas Janke and Planning and Parks Director Sam Tobias explained the resolution. Joanne Michaels, John McDowell and Craig Molitor, Destination Lake Winnebago Region president, spoke in favor of the resolution. Motion (Zorn/Stenz) to approve the resolution. Motion carried.


5. Airport.

a. Discuss and possibly approve a transfer from the contingency fund for the purpose of contracting with the Highway Department to repair eroding runway control joints.

Airport Manager John Wehner provided photos and an explanation of pavement cracking on the runway. Commissioner Janke explained the process for repairing. Harry Schmitz commented.


b. Manager’s report.

Mr. Wehner was made aware that the hanger owned by Christine Cohen has been sold. He will have a lease drawn up for the new owners after conferring with Corporation Counsel.


6. Executive’s Office.

a. Update on the ongoing construction of the new highway facility and supporting buildings.

Director of Administration Erin Gerred highlighted the Sept. 23 weekly report from C.D. Smith Construction. Commissioner Janke provided an updated video of the project. Ms. Gerred explained items on the change request log regarding the highway facility construction.


c. Request for funds from the Countywide Capital Outlay Account for the purpose of funding architectural fees for the remodeling of office space to house two new assistant district attorneys.

County Executive Allen Buechel provided an update on the remodeling request. Motion (Zorn/Madigan) to approve the transfer of $10,000 from the Countywide Capital Outlay Account for the purpose of funding architectural fees for the remodeling of office space to house two new assistant district attorneys. Motion carried.

b. Review and discuss a proposed request for proposal for real estate marketing and brokerage services for the sale of the old highway garage and Manis property.

Administration provided a draft request for proposal for real estate marketing and brokerage services.


7. Highway Department.

a. CTH C driveway permit application denial appeal from Cory Zickert.

Zach Haas addressed the committee on the request for a driveway permit on County Road C. Motion (Abel/Stenz) to grant the driveway request contingent on highway engineer specifications being followed. Motion carried. Costs of the project and any additional real estate for improvements required will be the responsibility of Mr. Zickert.


b. Update on ongoing highway projects.

i. New highway facility and supporting buildings.

ii. CTH HH (USH 151 to CTH G):  Construction continues.

iii. CTH V (Pioneer Road to Fond du Lac Avenue) reconstruction project:  Storm sewer completed today. Curb and gutter to begin.

iv. CTH C (CTH T to STH 23).

v. CTH G (village of St. Cloud) reconstruction project.

vi. CTH D (village of Oakfield) design project.

vii. CTH Y (village of Oakfield) reconstruction project.

viii. Seal coat projects.


e. Commissioner’s report.

Commissioner Janke provided a brief update on highway projects.


c. Preliminary discussion on the 2020 Highway Department Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan.

The budget and capital improvement plan have been given to the county executive to include in the county budget.


d. Visit from Wisconsin Department of Transportation Northeast Region officials at 9:30 a.m. regarding the upcoming local program, proposed improvement program and planned maintenance for Fond du Lac County.
Items discussed included US Highway 45 north right-of-way in Fond du Lac County’s name (WisDOT will take the lead on dealing with the property and the Department of Natural Resources), State Road 23, flooding issues on I-41 near Military Road, and projects included in the Fond du Lac County 2020-2025 Wisconsin Six-Year Highway Improvement Program.

f. Railroad issues.

g. Review invoices.
Invoices were reviewed.

8. Future agenda items and meeting date.

The committee will meet at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 7.

9. Adjournment.

Motion (Abel/Zorn) to adjourn the meeting at 10:57 a.m. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Freiberg, Fond du Lac County Clerk

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