Committee Meetings

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UW-Extension Education, Agriculture and Recreation Committee



Sarah A. Everson:  5:30-6:47 p.m.                                 
Robert J. Giese:  5:30-6:47 p.m.     

Sam Kaufman:  5:30-6:47 p.m.                                       
John J. Rickert:  5:30-6:47 p.m.                      

Michael J. Will:  5:30-6:47 p.m.     


Also present were David Brandenburg, Rick Kiefer, Erin Gerred, Sam Tobias, Lisa Freiberg, Randy Harden, Steve Schutze, Tim Rohrer, Dennis Stenz, Tom Thompson, Janelle Anderson, Rick Welsch, John McDowell, Jeanne McDowell, and Laura DeGolier.


1. Call meeting to order.

Chair Will called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


2. Approve minutes of the October 1, 2019, meeting.

Motion (Kaufman/Rickert) to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


3. Members of the public who wish to address the committee on specific agenda items must register their requests at this time, with such comments subject to the reasonable control of the committee chair, as set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Tim Rohrer, Janelle Anderson, and John McDowell spoke on Item 6a.


4. Rolling Meadows Golf Course.

a. Golf Course Manager David Brandenburg highlighted items from the Nov. 6 report. Items included golf course conditions and works in progress. Mr. Brandenburg provided pictures of the parking lot and Hole 14 bridge construction projects.


b. Mr. Brandenburg provided a teaching golf professional update. Donald DuChateau is the contracted golf professional, and he reported to Mr. Brandenburg that the junior golf program had 44 participants, the ladies’ program had 27 participants, and there were approximately 95 clients for private lessons.


5. Update on the UW-Fond du Lac tunnel waterproofing.

Central Maintenance Manager Rick Kiefer gave a history of the UW-Fond du Lac tunnel waterproofing and the next steps to be taken.


6. Planning and Parks.

a. The committee was provided with the comments from the Aug. 7 public hearing regarding winter ATV riding on the Wild Goose State Trail. Planning and Parks Director Sam Tobias led discussion on the comments and provided information. At the next meeting, Mr. Tobias will provide deed information for the properties along the trail.


b. Mr. Tobias highlighted items from the October department update.


7. Future agenda items and meeting date.

The Wild Goose State Trail property deeds will be on the next agenda. A meeting was scheduled for Dec. 4 at 5:30 p.m.


8. Adjournment.                              

Motion (Kaufman/Rickert) to adjourn the meeting at 6:47 p.m. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Freiberg, Fond du Lac County Clerk

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