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Board of Health



Sherry L. Behnke:  1:04-1:55 p.m.                                 
Thomas E. Dornbrook:  1:03-1:55 p.m.        

Kayla Ericksen:  1:03-1:55 p.m.                                      
Louise Gudex:  1:03-1:55 p.m.                        

Martin S. Ryan:  1:03-1:55 p.m.                                     
Dr. Heather Schmidt:  1:03-1:55 p.m.            

Marian Sheridan:  1:03-1:55 p.m.                                   
Dennis N. Stenz:  Absent  


Board of Health members were present on the conference call. Present in the Public Health Zoom Room were Allen Buechel, Kim Mueller, Dani Page, and Keefe Urban.


1. Call meeting to order.

Vice Chair Marian Sheridan called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.


2. Approve minutes of the May 12, 2020, meeting.

Motion (Ericksen/Schmidt) to approve the minutes. Motion carried, 6-0.


3. Members of the public who wish to address the board on specific agenda items must register their requests at this time, with such comments subject to the reasonable control of the board chair, as set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

There was no public comment.


Sherry L. Behnke joined the meeting at 1:04 p.m. and took over as chair.


4. Health officer report.

a. Annual report.

Health Officer Kim Mueller discussed the 2019 annual report. The Health Department had a very eventful year getting ready for accreditation, which is now on hold, and working through the remodeling. She will get clarification on childhood lead testing numbers. Motion (Dornbrook/Sheridan) to approve the annual report. Motion carried, 7-0.


b. First quarter reports.

Environmental Health Program Quarterly Report Statistics

The Inspection Program was shut down mid-March through last week. Inspections will be caught up throughout the year and renewals are being processed. There was discussion about the Inspection Program taking note of what practices are being followed by restaurants regarding COVID-19. Private water sampling is on hold but will resume when possible.


Public Health Quarterly Report - Direct Services

Ms. Mueller noted that Quarter 2 numbers will look very different.


Communicable Disease Quarterly Report Statistics

A COVID-19 line was added under emerging diseases, and it was suggested that an appendix be included with more COVID-19 information.


Revenue Quarterly Report Statistics

Ms. Mueller mentioned jail health ending in 2019, dental program carryover funding, and the award of a $30,000 tobacco grant.


Motion (Dornbrook/Sheridan) to receive the reports and place on file. Motion carried, 7-0.


c. COVID-19 update.

Ms. Mueller provided an update on COVID-19. Starting about three weeks ago, every weekend has seen a large number of positive cases, and there have been a number of positive cases weekdays as well. Six part-time contact tracers have been hired and are being trained. Ms. Mueller discussed testing in the community, including recommended testing at establishments with an outbreak status, the National Guard testing in prisons, partnering with SSM Health to identify vulnerable populations and provide enhanced testing, and testing at skilled nursing facilities. She mentioned various funding sources for COVID-19 expenses. There was discussion about schools reopening, and Ms. Mueller will follow up with Vice Chair Sheridan to talk about a unified countywide school approach regarding COVID-19. The Health Department reopened June 1 by appointment only.


5. Resolution authorizing the acceptance of a $130,375 Tobacco Control and Prevention Grant for July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, in the Health Department, which will act as fiscal agent for the continuation of a multi-jurisdictional tobacco coalition.

Motion (Ryan/Sheridan) to approve the resolution. Motion carried, 7-0.


6. Resolution authorizing the proper county officials to accept $69,468 in Public Health Emergency Preparedness COVID-19 grant funds from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Ms. Mueller discussed the resolution, noting this grant is in addition to the Public Health Emergency Preparedness funding the department is awarded annually. Motion (Ryan/Ericksen) to approve the resolution. Motion carried, 7-0.


7. Future agenda items and meeting date.

The board will meet via Zoom at 1 p.m. on Aug. 4.


8. Adjournment.

Motion (Schmidt/Ericksen) to adjourn the meeting at 1:55 p.m. Motion carried, 7-0.


Respectfully submitted,

Keefe Urban

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