Committee Meetings

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Social Services Board



Lisette A. Aldrich:  4:45-5:35 p.m.                                
Joseph M. Fenrick:  4:45-5:35 p.m.

Brooke A. Hills:  4:45-5:35 p.m. (Conference Call)    
Jay J. Myrechuck:  4:45-5:35 p.m.

Monica M. Walk:  4:45-5:35 p.m. (Conference Call)  


Present on the conference call were Patricia Lancour and Richard Gedemer. Present in Room H was Keefe Urban.


1. Call meeting to order.

Chair Fenrick called the meeting to order at 4:45 p.m.


2. Approve minutes of the May 13, 2020, meeting.

Motion (Aldrich/Walk) to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


3. Members of the public who wish to address the board on specific agenda items must register their requests at this time, with such comments subject to the reasonable control of the board chair, as set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

There was no public comment.


4. Educational piece.

Patricia Lancour discussed the Department of Social Service’s plan for resuming work practices amidst COVID-19, including phases of the plan. The last phase involves getting all staff back in the office full-time. She also discussed pictures of how conference rooms and the reception area have been arranged and how these spaces are used.


5. Report on bills.

Ms. Lancour and Richard Gedemer discussed the voucher report. The vast majority of the vouchers are foster care payments. Moraine Lakes Consortium and Energy Services payments were discussed. Motion (Myrechuck/Hills) to receive the report and place on file. Motion carried.


6. Personnel report.

Ms. Lancour reported that interviewing is being done this week for the new staff psychiatric social worker position that will serve the Promoting Alternatives to Corrections through Education program. The Aging and Disability Resource Center supervisor is retiring July 10. There are two economic support openings, and interviews are going on now for two ongoing social work positions and one family support worker.


7. Economic Support Services Consortium update.

Mr. Gedemer reported that the consortium is slow because of emergency procedures implemented by the state due to COVID-19, and he discussed the challenges there will be when the consortium returns to business as usual.


8. Budget updates.

Ms. Lancour reported that the department is significantly underspent in most categories and that part of the reason for this is the pandemic. She expects this to change with some of the restrictions that were put in place being lifted. The department is tracking COVID-related expenses for possible reimbursement.


9. Wisconsin County Human Service Association update.

The department is receiving updates from the association via conference calls twice a week.

10. Communications.

Mr. Gedemer provided details regarding the April data from the Social Services Board report. He will look at several of the graphs for possible revision and to provide clarification at the next meeting.

11. Special meetings – approvals and/or updates.

There were no special meetings.

12. Future agenda items and meeting date.

The board will meet at 4:45 p.m. on July 8. Information was requested on the department’s hiring process and on the federal CARES Act.


13. Adjournment.

Motion (Walk/Myrechuck) to adjourn the meeting at 5:35 p.m. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Keefe Urban

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