Committee Meetings

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Commission on Aging



1. Call meeting to order.

John Zorn called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.


2. Roll call.

Linda Conrad:  Excused

Rosemary Daniels:  9:03-9:37 a.m. (Conference Call)
Kenneth W. Depperman:  9:03-9:37 a.m.

Lorna Friess:  9:03-9:37 a.m. (Conference Call)

Laura Knuth:  Absent

John J. Rickert:  9:03-9:37 a.m.

Sandra Schneider:  Excused

Patty Wachs:  9:03-9:37 a.m. (Conference Call)

John Zorn:  9:03-9:37 a.m.


Also present were Senior Services Director Esther Mukand and Keefe Urban.


3. Selection of officers.

Motion (Rickert/Friess) to nominate Mr. Zorn for chair. Motion (Rickert/Depperman) to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Mr. Zorn. Motion carried.


Motion (Zorn/Wachs) to nominate John J. Rickert for vice chair. Motion (Depperman/Wachs) to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Mr. Rickert. Motion carried.


Motion (Depperman/Rickert) to nominate Rosemary Daniels for secretary. Motion (Rickert/Depperman) to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Ms. Daniels. Motion carried.


4. Approve minutes of the March 4, 2020, meeting.

Motion (Depperman/Rickert) to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


5. Members of the public who wish to address the commission on specific agenda items must register their requests

at this time, with such comments subject to the reasonable control of the commission chair, as set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

There was no public comment.


6. Senior Services report for April 2020.

Esther Mukand discussed the Senior Services report for April 2020 and the impacts of COVID-19 on the department, including the closure of dining sites and the use of transportation strictly for specified medical care services. She reported that the department has been following up with volunteers regarding coming back and that a date has not been set by the state as to when dining sites can reopen. Ms. Mukand discussed safety measures being taken by mobile meal volunteers and drivers, as well as the deep cleaning and sanitization of vehicles. Motion (Rickert/Depperman) to receive the report and place on file. Motion carried.


Ms. Mukand highlighted items from the February, March and April Senior Center updates.


7. Next meeting date.

The next meeting is at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, July 1.


8. Adjournment.

Motion (Depperman/Rickert) to adjourn the meeting at 9:37 a.m. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Keefe Urban

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