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Dept of Community Programs Bd. Business


Called to Order: 4:00 P.M. Adjourned: 4:40 P.M.

PRESENT: D. Klawitter, M. Heller, M.J. Nicholson, B. Senn, C. Gorske, S. Misudek,

M. Gannon, M. Weber Absent: G. Bonlander

STAFF: M.E. McMeen, J.R. Musunuru GUEST: J. Meisinger

Chair C. Gorske called the Business meeting of the DCP Board to order at 4:00 p.m. A quorum was present.

Motion by M. Heller, second by S. Misudek and carried, to approve the minutes of the 7/11/07 Board Business meeting as written.


No citizens present.


Jim Meisinger presented the CMO report. In June of 2007 30 individuals were enrolled, with 13 disenrolled. Expansion discussion continues with Winnebago and Manitowoc Counties. Because Manitowoc County already has an Aging and Disability Resource Center and the CMHC system in place that county will probably come in first. Winnebago County will need to set up an Aging and Disability Resource Center. There has not yet been a ruling on the interest income generated by the CMO reserve fund. It may be that the money can be spent on Family Care related activities, such as foster care and transitions to adulthood. Twenty-five thousand dollars has been given to Friendship Corner for work improvement funds to develop work-related programs for consumers.

Motion by S. Misudek, second by D. Klawitter and carried, to approve the CMO report.


Dr. Musunuru presented the Program Director’s report. Statistics for mental health, AODA and Birth to Three/Family Support Program were reviewed. Approximately 98 children have been served so far in the Birth to Three program. The Acute Unit serves Fond du Lac County residents only when the census on the Unit rises to a high level as beds must be provided for the Emergency Detentions and other admissions from this county at all times. D. Klawitter reflects on articles published recently in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel discussing problems in providing services to individuals with mental illness. Fond du Lac County has been fortunate to be able to provide a continuing good level of service to the community. Milwaukee County has been less fortunate.

Motion by M. Heller, second by M. Gannon and carried, to approve the Program Director’s report.


Sue Misudek reviewed the minutes of the D.D. Committee and presented the D.D. Committee report. Many former clients of the Department of Community Programs who have developmental disabilities are now enrolled in the CMO. The D.D. Committee will possibly meet 3 times yearly now instead of 4 times yearly in 2008. Minutes need to be corrected in that D. Klawitter was present rather than excused, as marked. Special population emergency disaster preparedness plan is now in process. Volunteers will need to be developed to assist should any emergency arise. So far this summer there have been no problems with heat. Awareness levels of problems with heat and persons on medications have been raised over the years. Arc will hope to have a bicycle camp again in 2008. Thank you to Diane Fett for the Children’s Services newsletter. It was well done and interesting. The approval of the minutes will be held until the next DCP Board meeting to allow for correction of errors in the minutes themselves.


Barb Senn reports that 264 golfers participated in the golf outing on 7/27/07 for St. Mary’s Springs. One hundred dinners were served. This turned out to be a great fund raiser. Chuck Gorske reports that his son John is doing very well. He now has his driver’s license reinstated in California and is returning to his normal activities


Review of the DCP Board voucher report, invoices entered 7/9/07 through 7/24/07 for a grand total of $78,378.05; and Inter-Office Invoices for a total of $547.84 for fuel.

Motion by M.J. Nicholson, second by B. Senn and carried, to approve the bills as written.




DCP Board Business 8/1/07 4:00 p.m. Health Care Center

CLTS PAC Committee 9/10/07 6:30 p.m. City/County Building

DD Committee 10/11/07 4:00 p.m. Health Care Center


Motion by M. Gannon, second by B. Senn and carried, to adjourn the meeting at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Mary Weber, Secretary

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