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Transportation Volunteer

  • Type:Volunteer
  • Salary/Pay Rate:Unpaid
  • Posted Date:08/12/2015 9:46 AM

Description of This Service:

The assigned volunteer is responsible for transporting clients of the Department of Social Services to and from appointments, visits, events or errands. The volunteer’s schedule is flexible and determined by the hours they want to work and the assignments they accept from the Volunteer Coordinator. 


  • To transport passengers in a safe and lawful manner. This includes the use of seat belts for all passengers as well as car seats that are age/size appropriate.
  • To be prompt for pick up times, for appointments and adhering to agreed upon schedules. 3. To abide by the Departments’ Rules of Confidentiality.
  • To record time and mileage using the assigned code number and forms. To turn in these forms in a timely manner so that mileage reimbursement can be made and the files kept up to date.
  • Report to the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible with any problems or concerns regarding a specific client or transportation request.
  • To work with the Volunteer Coordinator, Social Worker and any other collaborating agencies as a team member to best meet the needs of the client.
  • To inform the Volunteer Coordinator of vacations, illness, seasonal availability, etc. that would necessitate a substitute driver, with as much advance notice as possible.
  • To treat clients with respect and dignity.
  • To perform only those transportation requests authorized by the Volunteer Coordinator, at the request of a Social Worker, to fulfill the case plan/court order for that individual/family. 

Assignments May Include Transportation to the following:

  • Medical appointments and counseling sessions.
  • Family visits  
  • Parenting sessions or other group work
  • Other transportation as assigned.
  • Transportation may be local or long distance. 

Volunteer Qualifications:

  • Valid driver's license.
  • Liability insurance if using their personal vehicle.
  • Pass a criminal and traffic background check. 


  • FDL County strongly encourages the use of County vehicles. 
  • If a personal vehicle is used, the volunteer will be reimbursed for their mileage at the current rate.  To receive reimbursements the volunteer must fill out and return the appropriate form/s to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • The volunteer is not to accept pay or gifts for their services from the client or their representatives.
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