Modifying Child Support

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Child support obligations are modifiable.


You may request the Child Support agency review your child support obligation under the following circumstances:


  • It has been more than 33 months since the obligation was last reviewed
  • The modification would need to result in at least a 15% change of the current order, and the difference needs to be $50 or more a month.
  • There is a significant change in circumstances – such as legal change of placement or emancipation of an older child.


The Child Support Agency will collect financial information from both parents and will prepare a stipulation for both parents to sign or schedule a court hearing. 

Our attorney does not represent either party; she represents the State of Wisconsin and is authorized to address the issues of child support and health insurance coverage as provided in Wisconsin State Statues.

Modifications of court orders may also be pursued through a Pro Se organization or through an attorney.

To learn more about modifying your child support order click here.