Small Claims

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Printable Attachment to Small Claims
Printable Motion and order for Additional Damages

Guideline to Filing a Small Claims action in Fond du Lac County

When filing any type of Small Claims action you must attach the form “Attachment to Small Claims” listed above.

When filing an Eviction the filer must attach to the Summons and Complaint all Notices for Eviction, lease/rental agreement, and a cost breakdown page. If you have other documents you would like to submit that are not listed, please make sure that they are also attached to the Summons and Complaint.

If you need to submit additional costs after you have been granted the Eviction please use the form “Motion and Order for Additional Damages listed above.

The Declaration of Non-military form should be filed separate from the Summons and Complaint.


For more information about Small Claims court see Wisconsin Guide to Small Claims Court @