Nonmetallic Mining Forms

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No person may engage in nonmetallic mining or nonmetallic mining reclamtion in Fond du Lac County without first obtaining and completing a reclamation permit.  New Mine Reclamation Permit Application 

Some nonmetallic mining sites may be exempt from obtaining a nonmetallic mining reclamation permit from Fond du lac County if they meet one of the requirments on the Site Exemption Request form.

A nonmetallic mining reclamation permit may be transferred to a new owner or operator upon satifaction of completing a Reclamation Permit Transfer Application, submitting proof of financial assurance, submittal of annual permitting fees and written certification by the new permit holder that all conditions of the nonmetallic mining permit will be complied with.

The general operator of a nonmetallic mining site with more than one operator on-site (for example one operator mining, and another operator crushing) may choose to submit a reclamation plan covering all aspects of mining operations on the site. In this case, each additional operator must complete and sign a Reclamation Plan Compliance Certification.  All Reclamation Plan Compliance Certifications shall be submitted with the site’s reclamation plan. The site’s reclamation plan will not be approved until all operators have submitted the required information.