Reclamation Guidebooks

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Reclamation Guidebooks

Reference materials for developing reclamation plans

•    Guide to Developing Reclamation Plans In Wisconsin

•    Considering Highwalls in Developing Reclamation Plans for Nonmetallic Mining Sites in Wisconsin  April 2003 (Special Issue). Depending on their location, highwalls may pose various  safety or pollution hazards and serve as attractive nuisances. Instead, quarry highwalls may be reclaimed to creative and productive post- mining land uses.

•    A Guide To Preparing and Reviewing Financial Assurance for Reclamation of Nonmetallic Mining Sites Publ-WA- 835 2002.  Produced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Waste Management

•    Handbook for Reclaiming Sand & Gravel Pits In Minnesota

•    Using Waste Fill Materials In Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation (Nonmetallic Mining Newsletter Fall  2008)