POWTS Maintenance Program

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POWTS Maintenance On-line Reporting - search and login page


The Fond du Lac County Code Enforcement Office implements a POWTS maintenance program in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code SPS 383 and in accordance with the Fond du Lac County POWTS Ordinance-Chapter 58 Article II of the Fond du Lac County Code of Ordinances. Depending on the size of your septic tank, pumping is required from one to three years. Notices will be sent to the property owner, from this office, at the appropriate pumping interval.

All completed maintenance reports will be required to be entered electronically by the service provider/pumper. Service providers will enter their completed reports on the above designated website regardless if the maintenance performed was a result of a mailed notice or not. Notices mailed to the County from service providers or property owners will no longer be accepted by the Code Enforcement Office.


An annual $6.00 administrative fee will be placed as a special assessment/charge on the property tax bill.  This annual fee is used to fund the program costs associated with tracking and enforcing the maintenance of sanitary systems.

A recent change has occurred to the online reporting that now allows property owners the ability to search and view their sanitary system information and previous maintenance dates.  The link above will bring you to the search screen.  From here you enter only one box to search by, i.e. last name, fire number - no street name (N5555, W5555), or sanitary permit number (starting with either s or o). 

Service providers will use the same search screen but will have to login in order to file a report.  Once logged in, the service provider remain logged in as long as they do not log off during the day.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Office at (920) 929-3139 if you have any questions about the special assessment or the new reporting process.

Please refer to the following links for additional information regarding system maintenance.