Private Water Systems

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Well Abandonment

The Private Water System Ordinance was enacted in January 2009. This ordinance regulates the proper abandonment of any well that is not in service, taken out of service, and/or any well that is not in compliance with Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 812.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has informed the County that as of 2008, there are over 4,000 wells within the County that are in non-compliance with NR 812 and either have to be properly abandoned or brought up to code standards. All work on a well must be completed by a licensed individual through the WDNR.


There is funding that may be available to share the cost of abandoning wells:


  1. A source of funding is through the Fond du Lac Land Conservation Department. For further information about the Well Abandonment Cost Share Program you can contact the office at 920-906-4680 (Ext. 119)  or visit their website: Land and Water Conservation


  1. Another source, with income restrictions, is through the state’s Well Compensation Program (administered through the WDNR). For information about the Well Compensation Program, please visit the WDNR's website for information and eligiblity requirements.


  1. The USDA Rural Development also has a loan program for low income homeowners and loan/grant program available for elderly low income homeowners. You can contact the USDA Office at (920) 907-2976 ext. #4. Click here for an informational brochure about the loan/grant program.


You can view and print the Private Water System Ordinance at the County’s Municipal Code of Ordinances, Ch 58, Article III.