Acute Psychiatric Unit

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The Department of Community Program’s Acute Psychiatric Unit is a licensed specialty psychiatric hospital, providing 24 hour structured inpatient treatment within a locked setting. Presenting problems include such things as acute and severe/persistent mental illnesses, organic brain syndrome, detoxification from alcohol/drugs, acute situational/emotional distress, suicide threats/attempts and medication adjustments. Both voluntary and involuntary admissions occur. Treatment emphasis is on short term, intense therapeutic intervention designed to provide the person with rapid evaluation and stabilization. Staff includes psychiatrists, social workers (MSW), registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), nursing assistants (CNA), psychologist, AODA counselors, and occupational therapists (OTR and COTA).




Open 24 Hours per day, 365 days per year


Acute Unit Phone Number: (920) 929-3513

Patient Phone for personal contact: (920) 929-6891


Admission Qualification:

1) Fond du Lac County resident

2) Non-Fond du Lac County resident legally detained by Fond du Lac

County law enforcement officers

3) Resident of a county whose Human Services agency contracts with

Fond du Lac County for inpatient care. Each admission MUST be

authorized by that county prior to each admission.

4) Age limitations: Serves primarily adults, ages 18 and above.

Minors may be admitted on a short term emergency basis for




1) Assess the admitting problem, including the person’s perception of

the problem.

2) Conduct a thorough evaluation, with psychiatry, laboratory studies,

social work, AODA counseling, nursing, occupational therapy, and

dietician, where needed.

3) Establish treatment goals together.

4) Work through the crisis, provide stabilization.

5) Arrange discharge planning, further treatment in the least

restrictive but most appropriate setting.


Fees: A highly inclusive rate of $1250 per day, which includes all psychiatry fees, is in place for 2019-2020. As a specialty psychiatric hospital our Acute Unit does not qualify for Medical Assistance reimbursement for individuals over the age of 21 years and under the age of 65 years. Many private insurances will cover with benefits. A sliding fee scale can be used for payment for individuals with income qualifications.