Mental Health Out Reach and Case Management (COS)

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Two programs serve the needs of individuals who benefit from these services:

Community Outreach Services (COS)

The Community Outreach Services Program is designed for adults who have a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness. The primary goal of the program is to assist people in living successfully in their own homes in the community. COS is staffed by nursing staff, both RN and LPN, and by an Outreach Worker.

Eligibility Requirements:

1) Individuals must be under the care of a psychiatrist at DCP and be

referred to the program by their psychiatrist.

2) A diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness.

Services include such things as the following:

1) Assistance in taking medication as prescribed and keeping

regularly scheduled appointments at DCP.

2) Encouragement and assistance in health-related treatments,

including appointments with personal physician and dentist.

3) Shopping wisely for a balanced diet and clothing needs.

4) Maintaining an apartment, working with a landlord.

5) Negotiating the maze of county, state and federal government

programs that impact life, such as Social Security, SSI, Medical

Assistance and Medicare.

6) Linkages to other helping agencies like the Salvation Army,

St. Vincent de Paul’s, work-related services, Food Pantry, etc.