Mental Health Information

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If you have an emergency situation, please contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance.

Procedures for mental and drug dependent commitments – Chapter 51.20 / alcohol commitments – Chapter 51.45

All prospective 3-party petitions are screened by the Corporation Counsel/Assistant Corporation Counsel. Please call (920) 929-3150 to set an appointment to discuss the situation prior to the filing.

Petitions must be signed by three (3) adults, at least one of whom has personal knowledge of the conduct of the individual to be committed. Petitioners must be willing to personally testify at a minimum of two court hearings and to come to the Corporation Counsel’s Office to sign the petition.

NOTE: Wisconsin Statutes give the Corporation Counsel’s Office the discretion to determine if a petition will be filed. Making an appointment does not guarantee the filing of a petition.