Children in the Middle

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Program Information
Family Resource Center Information

The Children in the Middle group is designed for children ages 5-12 whose parents are in the process of getting a divorce or have already gotten a divorce. During their parents’ divorce, children often feel a wide variety of conflicting emotions. This group, which is a collaborative effort between Family Court Services and the Family Resource Center of Fond du Lac County, was designed so that children feel comfortable expressing their feelings regarding the divorce and participate in activities to better understand it.

Topics Covered:

1.) What is a family? Many children worry that that they will not have a family anymore after the divorce. Children will learn that families come in various shapes and living arrangements and that they will always be part of a family, no matter what happens.

2.) Don’t Get Caught in the Middle! Children often say that being caught in the middle between their parents is one of the most difficult things they have to deal with after a divorce. The four situations that occur most frequently and cause the most stress are: 1.) Carrying messages between parents, 2.) Money issues, 3.) Criticisms of the other parent, and 4.) Quizzing children about their other parent. These topics will be discussed and coping strategies introduced.

Who May Attend?

Any child ages 5 – 12 who has a guardian ad litem appointed for him / her will be ordered to attend this program. Parent may also enroll their children voluntarily by contacting Family Court Services at 929-3404.

Cost of Attendance

The cost for attending this program is $20.00 per family, regardless of how many children are attending from your family. Fees are paid directly to the Family Resource Center. Family Resource Center will accept cash, check or money order. Please bring exact change.



The program will be held at the Fond du Lac Public Library - Children's section

What to bring?

Nothing. The children will be doing some projects & a snack / drink will also be supplied.


What not to bring?

Do not bring your parents to this program. Do not bring any electronic devices (i.e. Gameboys, iPods, etc.), toys or other items that would not be allowed in a school setting.


For more information regarding this program, please contact the Family Resource Center at 920-923-4110.