Living Apart, Parenting Together

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Program Information
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“Living Apart, Parenting Together” is an educational program designed for divorcing parents.

Over one million children in the United States are affected by divorce each year. It is estimated that 50% - 70% of children born after 1990 will spend some period of time in a single-parent household during childhood. In response to these changes to family structure, a number of parenting programs have been created. This program gives parents information about parenting through divorce (or separation), and strategies to make the transition as smooth as possible for your children.

Who May Attend?

 All Fond du Lac County divorcing parents (with minor children) are required to attend this program. 

We accept registrations from parents who have been ordered to attend an educational program in a different County or State. You may choose to attend in Fond du Lac County if the location or time is more convenient for you. Likewise, if you prefer attending in a different County or State, you may contact your preferred location to inquire about program offerings.

 Parents may also voluntarily attend the program, and may register by calling Family Court Services at (920) 929-3404.


If you have been ordered to attend, then you are required to attend one session of this program. You will be registered for a specific session, which is listed on your court order. If you cannot attend on the date specified, please call Family Court Services to register for a different date. The telephone number for changing the date is (920) 929-3404 (If no answer, please leave a message).

The program is designed to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Explain legal terminology & legal process
  • Explore long & short-term effects of divorce (separation) on children
  • Recognize how to keep children out of the middle of parent conflicts
  • Practice communication strategies
  • Develop a parenting plan

“Living Apart, Parenting Together” is unique because it is presented by professionals from Family Court Services, University of Wisconsin – Extension. This collaborative approach brings together presenters with different areas of expertise, and provides parents with an opportunity for additional support in a variety of areas. Also, the program focuses on practicing skills that will encourage healthy co-parenting behaviors & remove children from the middle of parent conflicts.

 The program uses the nationally acclaimed curriculum, “Children in the Middle,” which was developed at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The program has been extensively evaluated, and has been shown to offer the following benefits: 

  • Significant reduction in parental conflict
  • Significant reduction in litigation
  • Increased parental support of the children’s relationship with the other parent
  • Increased communication between parents

Do I have to attend with the other parent?

No, you may attend on separate dates. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are encouraged to attend at a different time. Please call Family Court Services if you need to make alternate arrangements for your date of attendance.

Cost of Attendance

The cost for attending is $40.00. Please bring exact change for the fee. We accept cash, money orders or checks. If you pay by check, please make the check out to the Fond du Lac County Treasurer’s Office. Please note that there will be a $35.00 fee for each check that is returned to Family Court Services marked NSF (Non Sufficient Funds).

 The cost of the program includes a folder with program information, program booklet (with common questions, Fond du Lac County information, divorce & parenting information), a parenting plan, attendance form & several brochures regarding other services available in Fond du Lac County.

What to bring?

 Please bring a pen or pencil. All other materials will be provided for you.

 What not to bring?

Do not bring your children to this program. This program is geared for adults only. If you bring your children, we will require you to register for a different session.


 The program will be held at UW-Extension on the second floor of the Administration / Extension building in Rooms 205 & 206. UW-Extension is located on the UW – Fond du Lac Campus. The campus is located off of East Johnson Street (Highway 23).

Turn North on University Drive (right across the street from Backyard Grill and Bar) & follow the signs to UW-Extension.

 Parking is available in the “East Parking Lot”.  See Map.