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Fond du Lac County Health Department  (FCHD)

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Fond du Lac County Health Department improves lives by preventing disease, protecting the community, and promoting healthy living for all.



Prevent. Protect. Promote.



  • Compassion - FCHD is committed to the dignity and respect for all.
  • Equity & Inclusion - FCHD embraces differences and respects all individual’s opinions, beliefs and cultures. We work to ensure everyone has access to opportunities that enable them to lead healthy lives.
  • Collaboration – FCHD partners with community members and agencies to achieve shared goals that enhance the health and well-being for all. 
  • Competency – FCHD demonstrates public health best practices ensuring employees utilize skills, abilities, and personal attributes to enhance performance.



Core functions of a local public health agency identified by the Institute of Medicine include:

  •    Assessment of community health status and available resources.
  •    Policy development resulting in proposals to support and encourage better health.
  •    Assurance that needed services are available.

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