Emergency Preparedness

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Role of the Public

Be Prepared. Set up a communication tree for home and work. Have a family emergency plan, discuss the plan and practice it. Have a prearranged meeting place and discuss when to use it. Check on neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled. Have a portable radio and batteries handy. Observe your environment and report suspicious activities to law enforcement. Use caution when you travel. Keep your packages with you at all times. Do not accept packages from strangers. Locate stairways and emergency exits and be aware of plans for evacuating buildings and crowded public areas. Locate and maintain fire extinguishers and train responsible personnel how to use them. Obtain training in first aid and CPR. Assemble and maintain emergency supply kit. Plan for your children for when they are away from home.  Complete an 'Emergency Care Authorization Form' for children who are minors.

Role of the Government

Officials representing all levels of government are working with private and public service providers to develop and implement strategies for deterring, preventing, and responding to terrorism as well as other emergency situations.

What you can Do

Create an emergency supply kit. Stay informed. Have a plan. Be aware of your surroundings. Be alert to the unusual. Consider all possibilities, and remain calm. Alert law enforcement if needed. Take shelter/evacuate as directed. Be informed. And protect yourself.

For additonal information:  CDC Emergency Preparedness

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