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The Fond du Lac County Health Department (FCHD) is an agent for the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. We regulate and license food service establishments, public swimming pools and other water attractions, lodging facilities, campgrounds, recreational education camps, tattoo and body piercing establishments, food vending operations, and school food service programs.

Our program goal is to have establishments that provide safe food and recreational opportunities for those who live, work, and visit Fond du Lac County.

1. Do I need a license to operate my business?

You need a license to operate a:

  • restaurant
  • retail food establishment
  • temporary food stand
  • mobile food establishment
  • beverage establishment (tavern)
  • hotel, motel, bed & breakfast establishment, tourist rooming house
  • public swimming pool, whirlpool
  • campground, recreational camp
  • tattoo and body piercing establishment

2. How do I obtain a license?

   a.  Complete the application form appropriate for the business that you are planning to operate.

  b. Complete a Plan Review.

  • Review the the building plan of the establishment. The entire establishment must comply with State and local regulations, including zoning regulations:  Fond du Lac County Plan Review   

  c. Complete a menu review if the establishment will be serving food items.

  d. Schedule a Pre-Inspection with the Health Department

  • Call 920-929-3085 and ask to talk to someone from the Environmental Health Program.

  e. Resources:

3. How much will it cost?

  1. Pre-Inspection Fees:
    • A one-time, pre-inspection fee is required prior to approval of the license.
    • This charge is required when:
      • A new establishment is opened.
      • There is a change of ownership of an existing establishment.
  2. Annual Fees:
    • All Fond du Lac County Health Department licenses expire each year on June 30th.
    • Health permits run from July 1 to June 30 and the fee is not pro-rated.

4. What is the fee schedule?

5. What if I have a safety concern about a licensed establishment?

  • Contact the Health Department about your concern.  Your complaint will be investigated.

Additional Resources:

Fond du Lac County Health Department is located at the City/County Government Center on the 3rd floor

Office Hours:  8:00am-4:30pm  Monday through Friday
Phone:  920-929-3085
Fax: 920-929-3102
Email: Click here