County Trunk Highway Road Closure Policy

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Established May 25, 2004 
Revised February 5, 2007 

If it is determined necessary that any portion of the Fond du Lac County Trunk Highway System (roads designated by letters such as County Road F) needs to be shut down for any period of time, the following should be used as a guideline in establishing the road closure. 

• Applicant needs to apply for a permit to work within the right-of-way and submit applicable fee. 
• On the permit or by separate letter, Fond du Lac County is to be notified in writing as to the reason for closure. Include in the letter any other permits taken out to perform the work, as well as the contact person for the work being performed and the duration of time the road will be closed. Also include a detour plan which shows the location and type of signs used to establish the detour route as well as the route itself. 
• A detour route will need to be established using the County Trunk Highway System or higher classification roads as the marked detour route unless otherwise established routes have been agreed upon by all local municipalities involved. Any other road system utilized in the detour route other then a Fond du Lac County Highway requires notification and approval by the municipal maintaining authority of that road system. 
• The detour route and the construction site will need to be properly signed using standards identified in the most current version of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Any signs needed to properly mark the detour route will need to be set on its own individual posts; there will be no placement of signage on any of the existing County Trunk Highway signs unless otherwise agreed upon prior to installation. 
• The road closure will need to be posted a minimum of two times in the Fond du Lac Reporter or other pertinent local newspapers. With the notification there should be a brief explanation as to why the road is closed. Also include the posted detour route and the approximate date of closure. 
• All people along the section of road to be closed should be notified in writing with the same information as above. Include the contact person for the construction firm or the on-site engineer. 
• The Fond du Lac County Sheriff Department will need to be contacted and informed with the same information as above as well as the local school bus services, local municipality and local post master. 
• The signed detour route will need to be fully maintained throughout the entire duration of the road closure. Fond du Lac County requires that a contact person be assigned for maintaining the detour route with a 7 day, 24 hour phone number to contact the person for emergency purposes. 
• Fond du Lac County Highway Department will need to be notified once the road closure is not needed and the detour route and all its signs and barricades are removed and the right of way is restored. 

Fond du Lac County Highway Department can, on a time and materials basis, establish and maintain the detour route excluding any of the necessary construction barricades. This would need to be worked out with Fond du Lac County Highway Department prior to construction. This would include establishing the route and signage for the route as well as installation of the signs for the duration of the project. 

Any questions regarding the procedure or regarding the detour should be directed to the Fond du Lac County Highway Engineer at 920-929-3485.