CTH VV Pioneer Rd General Information

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 CTH VV (Pioneer Road) Third Phase (Forest Road to STH 23)

The third phase of CTH VV (Pioneer Road) is currently under design and planned for construction in 2020. This portion of road is between Forest Road and STH 23 (Johnson St). 

pioneerroad (2)

The second phase of CTH VV (Pioneer Road) reconstruction was completed in November of 2017. his section starts west of the new Hickory Street roundabout and proceeds north past the current Rogersville Road intersection.  It included full reconstruction of Military and Pioneer Road intersection and a portion of Military Road north past the intersection of Oak Park Ave.  Project included new storm sewer, curb and gutter, side walk, lighting, an extension of the Pioneer Road Bike path, and new double lane concrete highway.  

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cthvv Click here for an overview of the second phase of the CTH VV Pioneer Rd Project Adobe Reader(PDF 3.4 MB)

(Project limits: West of Hickory St. roundabout to North of Oak Park Ave.) 

CTH VV/Military Road Roundabout



Click here for larger image of Military/CTH VV (Pioneer Rd) Roundabout   (PDF .8MB)


CTH VV (Pioneer Rd) (USH 45 to Military Rd)

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