Speed Limit Modification Policy

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Speed Limit Modification Request Form (Editable Online - Microsoft Word)

Speed Limit Modification Request Form (for Printing and submitting via mail - PDF) 


Speed limits are a tough subject. Sometimes it appears that a good share of drivers would like to drive 70 MPH past everybody else's house and have everyone drive 25 MPH past theirs!

Wisconsin State Statutes Section 346.57(4) defines speed limits for all public roadways based on factors that include surrounding land use, roadway jurisdiction, and roadway type.  Fond du Lac County Highway Department receives many requests to modify speed limits and requires that requests come from the municipality (City, Township or Village) that the highway is in.  This process promotes order, communication, gives the municipality a chance to gather public input, and helps put an emphasis on safety and serving the interests of the travelling public.

The following five step process serves as a guide for those wanting a speed limit change on a County Trunk Highway in Fond du Lac County.

  1. City, Township, or Village officials wishing to change the speed limit on a County Trunk Highway within their boundaries shall submit a completed Speed Limit Modification form and a copy of the official meeting minutes recording the governing board or council’s passing motion to support the request. If the requested segment lies in or abuts any other City, Township, or Village they must also support the speed limit modification. Please submit the completed Speed Limit Modification Request form, meeting minutes and the $350 application fee to the Fond du Lac County Highway Engineer.Please make sure that the request conforms to State Statute Section 349.11, which includes numerous restrictions as to how FDL County can adjust its speed limits such as only lowering a speed limit that conforms to the 55 MPH fixed limit down by a maximum of 10 MPH.


  2. The Fond du Lac County Highway Department will conduct a speed study of the requested segment after receiving the items in step one above.


  3. The speed study results will be shared with the applicant and reviewed at a quarterly Traffic Safety Commission meeting.The applicant is welcome to attend this meeting and provide its input on the speed limit request.


  4. Typically, the Traffic Safety Commission discusses the study and provides a recommendation to the Highway Committee regarding the speed limit.


  5. The Highway Committee is provided all the information available concerning the speed limit modification request and decides the speed limit within the limitations specified in Wisconsin State Statute.


The $350 application fee is designed to recover approximately half of the engineering costs to properly evaluate the request.  The $350 application fee may be refunded if the existing speed limit does not conform to the fixed limits in Section 346.57(4) and the requested speed limit would bring the speed limit into conformance with the fixed limits in Section 346.57(4).

  Speed Limit Modification Policy (PDF) - Fond du Lac County's Policy on Speed Limit Modification