Wellness Ambassadors

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At Fond du Lac County, employee health and wellness is a central part of the organizational vision.  Fond du Lac County provides employees with the opportunity to participate in comprehensive wellness benefits that meet the needs of employees and their family members.  By offering on-site activities, challenges, educational lunch & learns, health screening opportunities, and much more; our wellness program has helped Fond du Lac County earn the designation as one of America’s Healthiest Companies.  Employees are also encouraged to consider participation on the Wellness Committee, where enthusiastic individuals help to promote and implement future health and wellness related programming


Wellness Ambassadors                                                              Specialties

Nicole Johnson, Wellness Specialist                                                                          All programs

Public Health - 920.929.3086-  nicole.johnson@fdlco.wi.gov


Erin Gerred                                                                                                                    Financial and overseeing all programs

Administration- 920.929.3156-  erin.gerred@fdlco.wi.gov


Mary Fortney

Human Resources- 920.929.3312- mary.fortney@fdlco.wi.gov                                     FDLCO Insurance Benefits, EAP, Lunch&Learns, 

                                                                                                                                        Care Clinic, financial

 Brenda Woelfel


Probate- 920.906.4743- Brenda.woelfel@fdlco.wi.gov                                                  Exercise Classes, Running Club, Lunch&Learns


Katie Gunzy

Planning and Parks - 920.929.3135- katie.gunzy@fdlco.wi.gov                                    Weight Watchers, Blood Drives


Lisa Vercauteren

Land Information- 920.929.7021- lisa.vercauteren@fdlco.wi.gov                                 Special Events, Weight Watchers, EAP               


Dianne Baumann

Family Court - 920.929.3404 dianne.baumann@fdlco.wi.gov                                       Go365, EAP-grief support, wellness breaks


Jody Goebel

HHHR- 920.906.4785- jody.goebel@fdlco.wi.gov                                                         


Terra Mattheis

Child Support- 920.929.3061- terra.mattheis@fdlco.wi.gov                                           Stress relief, activites


Reilly Freund

Finance- 920.906.4747- reilly.freund@fdlco.wi.gov                                                       


Jeff Bertram

Highway- 920.929.3494- jeff.bertram@fdlco.wi.gov                                                      Go365


Angie Hoch-

Dispatch- 920.929.3390- angie.hoch@fdlco.wi.gov                                                      EAP, Stress Management, Care Clinic, Go365             


Karla Lockwood

Sheriff's Office- 920.929.3373- karla.lockwood@fdlco.wi.gov                                        Health Risk Assessment


Donna Whitty-

Sheriff's Office- 920.929.3372- donna.whitty@fdlco.wi.gov                                            Health Risk Assessment          


Kara Kerrigan-

WIC- 920.929.3106- kara.kerrigan@fdlco.wi.gov                                                           Nutrition, breastfeeding, Registered Dietician 


Gena Miller-

Social Services- 920.929.3247- gena.miller@fdlco.wi.gov                                            EAP, Go365, Weight Watchers


Tom Olig-

Public Health- 920.929.3440- tom.olig@fdlco.wi.gov                                                    Health Risk Assessments


Tamara Stone-

Community Programs- 920.929.7129- tamara.stone@fdlco.wi.gov                              Running and Adventure Club, wellness breaks


Donna Boese-

Social Services- 920.929.7560- donna.boese@fdlco.wi.gov                                        Go365, Health Risk Assessments, blood drive