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Enviroscape Model
The EnviroScape Model is an interactive learning tool that makes a visual connection between land use and water quality. EnviroScape programs communicate to people of all ages that we share responsibilities in preventing water pollution.

Groundwater Model
The Groundwater model allows students to observe and simulate in real time the interactions of precipitation, streams, lakes, landfills, buried storage tanks and water wells with ground water.

Aquatic Kick Nets
Nets can be rented for a $20.00 refundable deposit.

The department has brochures and pamphlets that offer suggestions on dealing with soil erosion concerns in rural and urban neighborhoods. Other subject matter covers lawn and garden pesticides and fertilizers and pet waste.

Natural Resources Presentation
The natural resources presentations engages students by having them observe, investigate, and process what they learn.  The focus of these presentations is to bring awareness of conserving and protecting our natural resources.

Natural Resource Presentations

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