Cremation Permits

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By law, all bodies to be cremated must be reported to the Medical Examiner’s Office. No cremation may be carried out, by law, for at least 48 hours after the pronounced time of death. All cremations require a signed cremation permit from the Medical Examiner’s Office before proceeding.

Once you have decided to have the decedent’s body cremated, your funeral director will notify the FDL MEO of your wishes. A death investigator will respond to the funeral home and perform an external examination of the body, if an examination has not already been performed by the office. Cremation examinations are one of the many functions of the FDL MEO and are performed on ALL cremations, whether or not the death falls under the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner’s office. Following this examination, a cremation permit is issued to the funeral home, allowing them to proceed, and a fee for this service is charged to the funeral home.