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Generally, in order to change ownership of real estate, a new deed must be drafted and submitted to the Register of Deeds Office for recording along with a completed electronic real estate transfer return.  You may fill out deed forms yourself, or hire an attorney to do this for you.  You can download and print real estate forms by following the link provided below.  Documents must be completed before submitting them for recording.  The standard format requirements for recorded documents can be found under the topic ‘Recording Requirements’. 

The fee for recording a real estate document is $30.00 regardless of the number of pages, excepting plats which are $50.00.  After recording, the original document will be returned to the addressee listed on the document.

As mentioned above, a completed transfer return form is required for all conveyances of ownership interest in real estate.  You must go on-line to submit the electronic real estate transfer return.  The form and instructions can be found under the topic ‘Real Estate Transfer Return’.


Below you will find a link to downloadable forms that can be recorded (i.e. deeds, HT-110, correction instruments, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: Additional forms may be found by scrolling down the screen and clicking on the Chicago Title Insurance Company logo and scrolling down to find the desired form.