Fee Schedule

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  • The recording fees are $30.00 to record a real estate document.
  • Termination of Decedents Property Interest (HT-110) document fee: $30.00
  • Transfer On Death To Beneficiary (TOD-110) document fee: $30.00
  • All Subdivision, Condominium and Cemetery Plats fee: $50.00
  • All Transportation Project Plats fee: $25.00
  • Record a Lis Pendens Fee is $30.00.
    • Certify copy to Clerk of Courts fee: $2.00 for the first page, $1.00 for each additional page and $1.00 to certify the copy
  • Record a Release of Lis Pendens fee is $30.00. (Releases begin in the Clerk of Courts Office, therefore we do not need to certify a copy for them).



    • The charge for document copies is $2.00 for the first page of each document, $1.00 for each additional page of that same document. 
    • Add $1.00 to the standard copy fee for certification of a recorded document.