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Plat Map Index List for Plats Filed/Recorded Prior to 1995.

Not all subdivision/condominium plat map images are currently available.  The above listed index, showing only those maps recorded/filed prior to 1995, can be used to locate a document number for a particular map.  Once the map document number is known, a search - by that document number - can be done to find the image.  For plat maps recorded/filed after 1995, a search by the subdivision/condominium plat name will provide results as well.

Please note: Additional plat map images will be made available as resources allow.



CSM Number Index for Maps Filed/Recorded Prior to 2018.

All certified survey map (CSM) instruments are imaged and available by document number.  The link above will provide access to searchable CSM information, including the document number.  Once the number is known, a search - by that document number - can be done to find the image.   For CSM instruments recorded after 2005, a search by the CSM plat name will provide results as well.