Coordinated Family Services Program (CFSP)

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The Coordinated Family Services Program (CFSP) strives to provide intensive services to families whose children are experiencing persistent mental health and behavioral challenges. The goal is to assist families in developing a plan of care that will help families maintain their children safely in their homes, schools and communities through a comprehensive, coordinated interagency system of care.

The Coordinated Family Services Program brings people together from different parts of the family’s life. Teams include the parents as partners, the child and may include other relatives, school teachers, co-workers, counselors, law enforcement and other supportive members identified by the family.  The team works together to coordinate services and develop plans to help support the child and family.  With the help of the Service Coordinator, each family team identifies the unique strengths and needs of the family, and then creates a Plan of Care outlining the services and activities necessary to meet the identified needs.

Examples of services and activities may include: advocacy, help with parenting skills, financial counseling, case management, AODA and mental health services, respite care, mentoring.  The Coordinated Family Service process is strength based, family centered and generally takes place in the family home or community.  It seeks to identify and develop natural community supports.  Generally the length of this program is 18 months.

The Coordinating Committee, made up of representatives from a variety of community groups and agencies, oversees the Fond du Lac County Coordinated Family Services Program. The committee is always welcoming new community members.

Referrals for this program are received through the Dept. of Community Programs.

                    Phone: 920-929-3919   

Coordinating Committee Contact: Lauren Martin 920-929-3424   



A referral does not guarantee a child will receive formal services which may be limited based on funding availability. Some families may have their needs met through informal supports or other community or social service programs.

There may be a parental fee.