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Longsine, AshleyFoster Care CoordinatorSocial Services(920) 929-7114
Liner, AngeliceSocial WorkerSocial Services(920) 929-3460
Lackas, AshleySocial WorkerSocial Services(920) 929-7128
Lewis, AmberSocial WorkerSocial Services(920) 929-7614
Leege, Mary Economic Support SpecialistSocial Services
Luby, Anne Clerk TypistSocial Services(920) 929-6886
Lacasse, AmySocial WorkerSocial Services(920) 929-3479
Lepinski, JamesAccounting ManagerSocial Services(920) 929-7120
Lancour, Patricia DirectorSocial Services(920) 929-3433