First Dollar Credit

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Every taxable parcel in the state of Wisconsin qualifies for the First Dollar Credit provided the parcel contains a real property improvement. The credit equals the school property tax on a certain amount of the value of the improvements. This “credit value” is calculated every year by DOR, after taking into consideration the estimated number of claims that are expected to be paid and school property tax rates (for K-8, Union High, and K-12 school districts).


The “credit value” is set at the level that distributes the available funds. If the value of the parcel exceeds the “credit value”, a full credit is paid. However, if the value of the parcel is less than the “credit value”, the credit is paid on the actual value of the parcel.

The First Dollar Credit is shown on property tax bills as a reduction of property taxes due. For taxpayers who pay their taxes in two or more installments, the credit is applied equally to each installment.

Additional information on the “First Dollar Creditand Commonly Asked Questions are available on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.