Widow's Pension

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Survivor Pension brochure 


The VA provides pensions to low-income surviving spouses and unmarried children of deceased veterans with wartime service.

To be eligible, spouses must not have remarried and children must be under age 18, or 23 if attending a VA approved school, or have become permanently incapable of self-support because of disability before age 18.

The veteran must have been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable and must have had 90 days or more of active military service, at least one day of which was during a period of war, or a service-connected disability justifying discharge. Longer periods of service may be required for veterans who entered active duty on or after Sept 8, 1980, or Oct 16, 1981, if an officer. If the veteran died in service but not in the line of duty, the death pension may be payable if the veteran had completed at least two years of honorable service.