Medical Appointment Transportation

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Transportation to VA Medical Appointments

Wisconsin veterans may use one of two programs that assist veterans who need help getting to VA medical appointments. The Wisconsin Department of the Disabled American Veterans operates several vans around the state that normally stop at predetermined locations and then transport to the various medical centers.

APPLETON (FOX VALLEY SOC) – 3 Vans Contact person Larry LeClair 920-831-7905 Van #1: Daily to Milwaukee VAMC

STOPS: Outagamie County:

VA outpatient clinic Appleton 10 Tri Park Way

STOPS: Winnebago County:

Oshkosh (Perkins 9th Ave and Hwy 41);

STOPS: Fond Du Lac County: Schreiners Hwy 41 and Hwy 23;

STOPS: Dodge County: Lomira as needed McDonalds Hwy 41

Veterans can schedule a stop by contacting the DAV Transportation Coordinator listed with the schedule. These rides are free of charge and available to all veterans based on financial need -- you do not have to be disabled or belong to the DAV to get a ride on this network. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs provides an annual grant to the DAV to assist with this program.

For veterans who live in locations not served by the DAV most counties provide some type of assistance. Some counties provide this service free of charge and others require a small fee or donation. County transportation systems are run by the County Veterans Service Office. Veterans should call the Fond du Lac County Veterans Office for information (920) 929-3117.

Veterans in need of assistance with transportation to a VA medical appointment should contact the appropriate agency as soon as notification of a scheduled VA appointment has been received. Requests for same day or next day travel will probably not be able to be accommodated.

Fond du Lac County provides transportation for veterans who are unable to get to their VA medical appointments. Assets are limited. Donations to fund the program are graciously accepted.