Recording Discharges

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Record your DD-214 (Military Discharge)

DD-214's can be recorded through this office and certified copies issued to a veteran at no cost.

Did you know that it can take up to twelve weeks or longer to obtain a copy of your discharge from the VA? You can avoid the long wait by recording your discharge. Here are just a few of the many benefits of having your DD-214 recorded.

  • When filing for social security benefits, veterans may receive an increase in their monthly benefit by providing a certified copy of their DD-214.
  • It will help your family to obtain veteran's benefits upon your death.
  • The Discharge is the key to unlocking federal veteran's benefits. In order to apply for a federal veteran's benefit, you must provide a certified copy of the discharge to establish your eligibility to the benefit you seek.
  • In WI, a discharge is considered a confidential document. It is not accessable by the public. Your privacy and identity are secured. This is not the law in all states.

See Military Discharge Records in the Fond du Lac County Register of Deeds.