Employee Assistance Program

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ComPsych is Fond du Lac County's Employee Assistance Program, which is offered to ALL Fond du Lac County employees.

It is of no-cost to the employee and/or their family members.

24/7 Support, resources, and information for all of our employees.

They offer a variety of different :

  • Confidential emotional support
    • Anxiety, depression, and stress
    • Grief, lost, and life adjustments
    • Relationship and marital conflicts and resources
  • Work-Life situations
    • Child and elder care
    • Hiring movers and home repair contactors
    • Planning events and local pet care
    • Parenting resources
  • Legal guidance
    • Divorce, adoption, family law, wills, trusts, and more
    • Free 30 minute consultation and a 25% reduction in fees for representation
  • Financial resources
    • Retirement planning and taxes
    • Budgeting, debt, and bankruptcy
  • Online support
    • Articles, podcasts, videos, and slideshows
    • On-demand trainings
    • "Ask the Expert" personal responses to questions

Go online at: www.guidanceresources.com


Phone Number: 800-272-7255