Employee Assistance Program

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Are you or your immediate family/household member experiencing any of the following concerns?

  • Stress on the job?
  • Stress at home?
  • Difficulty with parenting?
  • Juggling schedules caring for elderly parents?
  • Marriage or relationship concerns?
  • Alcohol or drug misuse by your or a loved one?
  • Feeling hopeless, depressed or lonely?
  • An eating or sleeping concern?
  • A personal or family health crisis?
  • Death of a family member or friend?
  • Job loss or career concerns?
  • Financial or budgetary issues?
  • Mounting anger or resentment?
  • Feeling unmotivated, unhappy or unfulfilled?
  • Gambling?

Please don't let questions your have about the EAP prevent you from using it.  You can call Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP (anonymously, if you prefer) and speak with a staff person to get your questions answered before you decide whether or not to pursue further assistance through the EAP. 

By providing the EAP, Fond du Lac County wants to encourage you to deal with concerns sooner rather than later, so they do not become disruptive to your quality of life, your health, family or productivity.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP.  


  1. Simply call Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP to start the process.  Phones are answered 24 hours a day for emergency intervention in case of personal crisis.
  2. Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP has daytime and evening hours for you to meet or speak with an EAP counselor.
  3. For EAP clients calling from outside the greater Fond du Lac area, arrangements will be made to meet with an Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP staff counselor or an EAP affiliate provider in or near your community.
  4. The counselor will initially discuss with you the nature and severity of the concern.
  5. If you agree that longer term or specialized assistance is needed, beyond the contracted EAP sessions, the EAP counselor will discuss referral resources with you and allow you to decide among the most appropriate options. 


  • The costs of EAP services are covered by the contract between Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP and your employer.  Therefore, EAP services are always available at no cost to you.  Your insurance is never billed for services directly provided by Agnesian Work & Wellness.
  • While costs associated with referrals made outside of the covered EAP services remain your obligation, the EAP counselor can recommend agencies or professionals whose services are covered by your insurance, whose fees are based on your ability to pay, or whose assistance may be free or of minimal cost.
  • Employees and family members who seek out EAP services are assured complete confidentiality to the extent allowed by state and federal law.
  • No client identifying information is ever released by Agnesian Work & Wellness to your employer or anyone else regarding your EAP participation unless requested by your and with your written consent. 
  • If so desired, you may call and speak to an EAP counselor without disclosing your identity.  You simply need to provide the name of the contracting employer providing you with access.