Finance, Personnel and Economic Development

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A. Composition

1. To consist of five members.

Martin S. Ryan, chair
Kenneth W. Depperman, vice chair
Martin F. Farrell
Brian T. Kolstad
Dean P. Will

2. At least one member of the Finance, Personnel and Economic Development Committee must be a County Board supervisor representing a supervisory district from within the geographic limits of the city of Fond du Lac and at least one must be a County Board supervisor representing a supervisory district from outside the geographic limits of the city of Fond du Lac. The County Board chair shall also be a voting member of the committee.

B. Duties

1. Report at the annual session of the County Board and such other times as the Board may request.

2. Report on the several funds of the county and recommend what sums of money are levied for the purpose of paying the expenses of the county for the fiscal year.

3. Review and revise the budget submitted by the county executive and referred by the County Board, pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 59.17, and report back to the Board with recommendations for budgetary expenditures and revenues for the ensuing year.

4. Perform such other duties as have hereinbefore been or shall hereinafter be required of them by resolutions of the County Board.

5. Establish guidelines for negotiations for the county and make recommendations to the County Board for hospital and surgical insurance, workers' compensation for county employees and general liability insurance.

6. Review all unemployment compensation benefits reports prepared by the human resources director. The reports shall be made after a full and impartial study to ascertain that the county is not paying more in unemployment compensation benefits than is required by law.

7. Examine all claims filed under Wis. Stat. § 174.11 and make recommendation to the County Board concerning same.

8. Examine all claims for per diem fees and mileage of members of the County Board and make a report on the same to the County Board at each meeting thereof.

9. Examine all accounts and claims filed against the county and examine and settle accounts, claims, demands or causes against the county.

10. Supervise all delinquent taxes returned to the county, the taking of tax deeds, and the sale of real estate taken on tax deed to the end that the property is returned to the tax roll. Aid in the collection of delinquent taxes. When the value of the property involved warrants it, the committee shall have the power to have the property appraised and, in its discretion, insured for the benefit of the county.

11. Recommend to the County Board salaries to be paid county officers and employees and examine and recommend for approval the bonds of various county officers and employees.

12. Act as and be the personnel committee, having all of the authority, powers and duties of such committee under that certain ordinance adopted to provide procedures for the presentation, consideration and determination of requests by employees of Fond du Lac County in the state of Wisconsin relating to wages, hours and conditions of employment.

13. Promote and facilitate economic development within Fond du Lac County and work closely with Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Inc. and Fond du Lac County Capital Resources in that effort. Review all Community Development Block Grant and Milk Volume Production loans and make recommendation to the Board.